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6.2 DK DPS Rankings

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So with 6.2 coming out DK's must be wondering which DPS spec is the best. Well Skullflowers over at summonstone ran a ton of Sims and came out with some very interesting information. Below numbers come exactly from his work.


Single Targer

98026 DW-Frost-PL-DeF

90712 2h-Frost-PL-NP

85511 Unholy-PL-BoS



168364 DW-Frost-PL-DeF

156253 Unholy-UB-NP-Reaper (trinket)

143317 2h Frost- PL-DeF


So, with current tuning Dual Wield Frost is going to be the go to spec for both single target and aoe fights. Frankly I am very excited for this. I rolled unholy all of MoP and with boosts in WoD everyone went unholy, frost was sort of like the step child locked in the basement. Really great to see some new flavor and love coming our way. Also ironically for dual wield your rotation is almost ERMEGERD CAST HOWLING BLAST.


As far as stat priorities go

Frost Dual Wield - Mastery>Multistrike>Versatility>Haste>Crit

Frost 2h- Haste> Multistrike>Versatility> Mastery> Crit

Unholy single target with Bos - Multistrike>Haste>Crit>versatility>mastery

Unholy AoE with Trink- Mastery> Multistrike> Crit>Versaility> Haste


Now, as far as rotations go. Nothing has really changed all that much. They remain all but identical with just some priority going here or there to proc a trink once you have it. So, i really see no need to update the unholy guide here on icy veins with any information other than trinket choice and implications. Further updates may change this but going into 6.2 for DK DPS rotations remain unchanged.


So, there we go. Hooray for 2h Frawst getting some love. Hooray for being able to finally use some of those awesome 1hs DKs were deprived off. And thanks to skullflowers for all his sim work because I was too lazy smile.png


Edit 1: Update for DPS rankings

So just for fun I went to simulationcrafts site to see their dps rankings. Now this is just one site and I'm sure between all of them people will come up with rankings. But as of right now when I am typing this.


Number 1 DPS spot goes too





with 2h frost coming about in 6th place and unholy coming in 12th. So In general its a good time to be a Dk. Dual wield Frost is superior by a huge margin however, whatever spec you wish to play you will be able to be competitive and very likely secure a spot on a progressive team. Just be prepared for ZOMG WHY YOU NO DUAL WIELD FRAWST.

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