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I was wondering few things:


1/Is stamina's trinket > Armor's one ?


Ex: On Mythic BH, with:

Blast furnace door + Pol's blinded eye (Both BA trinket)

+ 4 Piece (5% Physical reduction)

+ Gladiator resolve (5% Physical reduction)


I notice I have a reduction of 10% i think on boss swing's damage .

Compare to:


Battering talisman (+671 Stamina) + Petrified Flesh-Eating spore(+571 Stamina) I gain 1242 Stamina 


2/ Most of the fight on HoF, are magical damage so I believe War prot are more disadvantage compare to DK. Do you agree ? 


3/ 6.2: I put World breaker 's resolve +  Anzu as bis. Do you agree ?


4/What do you think of the:

- Tyrant's decree trinket ? Haste trinket (i Forgot the name) which reduc by 20% damage on proc

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1) You'll get more mileage out of Ravager than Gladiator's Resolve. It's roughly equal in terms of smoothness, but accounts for about 10% less damage taken than Gladiator's Resolve.


Pillar of Earth and Blast Furnace Door or Tablet of Turnbuckle Teamwork are your optimal choices. Lacking a Pillar, go for the Petrified.


2) Warriors are at a disadvantage compared to nearly all tanking classes. DKs are overpowered. If warriors were balanced properly, warriors would be better on magic damage fights since blood shield does not absorb magic. As it is, their Death strike heal trumps oour Shield Barrier.


3) Imbued Stone Sigil+Worldbreaker's Resolve for magical fights. Imbued Stone Sigil+Anzu's Cursed Plume for physical fights.


4) Tyrant's is outright less valuable than Blast Furnace Door. The haste one is pretty bad, too.

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