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[General] Hellfire Citadel Mage Style - Normal, Heroic, Mythic

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Hellfire Citadel - Mage Specific Tips and Tricks by Encounter


Continuing the previous practice of creating encounter specific tips for the different encounters WoD the Blizzard team created for us to kill, below is a Mage specific guide to the different Highmaul encounters.


If you believe you have anything to share, please comment below and the useful posts are going to be added to the main post. Feel free to comment!


(In the making)

Hellfire Assault

Iron Reaver

Kilrogg Deadeye

Hellfire High Council

Shadow-Lord Iskar

Socrethar the Eternal
Tyrant Velhari

Fel Lord Zakuun



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I'm confused? Why is this a sticky?

Because we expect the community to contribute to it. :)

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For frost on kormrok depending on how your group handles grasping hands i like to save my Frozen Orb for when the hands come out and shoot it towards whichever pool we are being druf too that way it moves along with us.  

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Since their isn't anything here I thought I'd contribute. I am the Raid Leader for a currently 3/13 mythic guild <Fresh> on Baelgun, and this is what I would recommend for HFC:


Hellfire Assult:

Arcane for mythic (pushing fel casters early/not bursting, can cause issues), Frost for normal/heroic. If you're running ammo, double blink &/or alter time can be useful.


Iron Reaver:

Arcane - Depending on your tanks, this boss can wander, try dropping your PC either behind him when about to Barrage, or on him when he is pounding. You can Ginvis and soak reactive bombs in mythic, and ginvis to wipe fire debuff off you. Ice Blocking the artillery seems to negates the explosion effect.



Arcane - If your group stacks for the hands, I recommend taking Supernova, and saving two charges to assist in breaking them. I take evanesce, and do not stack, as it negates the effect / you do not get dragged. For runes you can GInvis and hit two of them in the 3 second 90% DR window, and additional runes with alter time if needed.


More to come... :)



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Take Overpowered for arcane or Thermal Void for frost to extend your burn time during feast phases, this is especially helpful for arcane because they can activate their four piece and throw arcane missiles into the mark of doom debuff.



Go frost, equip the unblinking gaze of Sethe and the prophecy of fear trinkets, then spec into thermal void. Once you get the timing down your icy veins should last 1 minute or more, and if you get lucky procs get somewhere between 2-3 minutes on icy veins.


As frost equip both the prophecy of fear and the unblinking gaze of sethe on any fight with 3-4 adds that are stacked together for any amount of time

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