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Hi everyone,


I'm new to Hearthstone, I bought a few packs to get me started and happened to pull a golden legendary (Edwin van Cleef). Is this one worth keeping or should I disenchant him and invest in some rares / epics for decks?


If the latter, which neutral cards are best value? i.e. which ones will I get most use out of in multiple decks?



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Unless you definitely want to play only rogue, I would suggest disenchanting this golden card.


I would suggest to have a look at the Crafting Guides for each class and check what neutral cards occur multiple times. This gives you a very good idea what cards might be useful in several decks.


Personal suggestions:

Knife Juggler (2 Mana, rare): One of the best 2 drops in my opinion. Also very flexible use in a wide range of decks

Harvest Golem (3 Mana, common): Very sticky minion and great value for its cost

Piloted Shredder (4 Mana, common): Similar to Harvest Golem, very sticky minion

Defender of Argus (4 Mana, rare): Good value and creates taunt, can be used in almost all kind of decks

Azure Drake (5 Mana, rare): Very good card that replaces itself, can be used in almost every deck (except for rush decks like face hunter)

Faceless Manipulator (5 Mana, epic): This is rather a personal favorite of mine. I used this card a lot in my rather control oriented early decks as I did not have the great legendary cards myself


Other cards that could be used to replace "not so good" basic cards in a lot of decks are spider tank, raging worgen, Venture Co Mercenary (especially in spell heavy decks where the drawback is not as severe). If you decide to go with the Shredders and the Golems, Mechwarper and Tinkertown Technician might be useful.


I hope this helps.

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Check out the crafting guide on the site, it's a great resource for questions exactly like this, and breaks down which cards (class cards and neutrals) are core to each class.

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