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Christmas Contest: Time to Vote!

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Our Christmas Contest is entering its final stage! Our judges, whom we heartily thank, have chosen 10 screenshots per category. Remember that only the 3 best screenshots per category will grant rewards to their authors. You can find all these screenshots at the following URLs and vote for them by liking.

Below, you can find the screenshots themselves with direct links to their Facebook page.

Winter Veil


Action Shot

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nice choices you guys made Posted Image

some would be my favorite, but unfortunately i don't have facebook.

so good luck to the lucky one(s) or should i say winners *scratches head*

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    • By Damien
      UPDATE — Winners have been drawn

      Alliance Madmonk (also won one of our second prizes) Edjak Oakey Stltoday94 madraslover Matelot Nushu Horde PirateDuck (also won our grand prize) BoredMind (also won one of our second prizes) Telana Kopow Mistakenforpanda Bredly Justible
      With the release of Patch 5.4 this week, you have a chance to win epic World of Warcraft-themed prizes from J!NX, SteelSeries, and the Blizzard Store!

      Entering the contest is very simple and there are no geographical limitations. All you have to do is post in the comments below who you want to take Garrosh down first. Alliance or Horde?

      The contest will last until the 16th of September, 23:59 GMT. After that time, we will randomly pick 7 Alliance winners and 7 Horde winners. We will send them a private message and edit this news to publish their forum account name.
      The prizes are as follows:

      7x Alliance Spray T-Shirt from J!NX; 7x Horde Spray T-Shirt from J!NX; 7x Alliance Cutout Sticker from J!NX; 7x Horde Cutout Sticker from J!NX; 1x Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse from Steelseries; 1x QcK Mousepad Panda Monk Edition from Steelseries; 1x QcK Mousepad Panda Forest Edition from Steelseries; 1x QcK Mousepad Pandaren Crest Edition from Steelseries; mounts, pets, and vanity items from the Blizzard Store.
      Each Alliance and Horde winner will receive a corresponding T-Shirt and Sticker. From among the 14 winners, we will randomly pick:

      1 winner who will also receive the Gaming Mouse, the Panda Monk Mousepad, and a Blizzard Store mount, pet, and vanity helm of their choice; 2 winners who will also receive one of the other two mousepads, and a Blizzard Store mount of their choice or a pet and a vanity helm of their choice.
      J!NX is holding a similar contest, which you can enter as well, in an attempt to win a complete set (they are giving away WoW-themed Track Jackets to go with the T-Shirts we are giving away here). Also, for the duration of the contests, all their World of Warcraft are on discount!

    • By Damien
      Our Christmas Contest ended last week-end. Since then, we have been busy contacting the winners and sending them their prizes (including the 3 Collector's Editions of MoP signed by the devs).
      Below, you will find the winning screenshots.
      Many thanks to Blizzard, Ask Mr. Robot, TypeFrag, and Curse for providing the prizes.
    • By Damien
      During the Christmas period, we will be holding a screenshot contest with awesome prizes! There will be 3 categories: Feast of Winter Veil, Best Scenery, and Best Action Shot. For each category, the prizes will be as follows:
      First place 1 Collector's Edition of Mists of Pandaria, signed by the developers 1 mount and 1 pet from the Blizzard Store 6 months of free Premium Access on Ask Mr. Robot 6 months of free Voice Server from TypeFrag 3 month of free Premium Access to Curse network (including the client for your addons) Second place 1 Standard Edition of Mists of Pandaria 1 mount and 1 pet from the Blizzard Store 3 months of free Premium Access on Ask Mr. Robot 3 months of free Voice Server from TypeFrag 3 month of free Premium Access to Curse network Third place 1 mount and 1 pet from the Blizzard Store 3 months of free Premium Access on Ask Mr. Robot 3 months of free Voice Server from TypeFrag 3 month of free Premium Access to Curse network Guidelines
      All submissions need to feature your character in a setting that matches the category that you are entering.
      For Feast of Winter Veil, the screenshots need be related to the theme of the world event of the same name. For Best Scenery, you must take a screenshot that features your character and any place in the World of Warcraft, instanced or not. For Best Action Shot, the screenshot must feature your character in combat, or in the process of performing some class or role specific task. We will judge based on your character's appearance (transmogrification is not required, but it is certainly allowed), the landscape/background you chose, and how the two mesh together.
      Entering the Contest
      To submit your screenshot, you need send us an e-mail that will contain the screenshot and a link to the armory profile of the character in the screenshot. You can make more than one submission, but remember that we will judge quality, not quantity. The e-mail addresses for submitting are:
      Feast of Winter Veil: winter-veil@icy-veins.com; Best Scenery: scenery@icy-veins.com; Best Action Shot: action-shot@icy-veins.com. You are not allowed to use any software to modify the screenshots. We advise you to set your settings to the maximum your computer can handle, for the purpose of the screenshot. Also, make sure to set your screenshot quality properly: http://www.wowwiki.com/Changing_the_screenshot_format.
      We will not divulge the e-mail addresses that you will use to submit your screenshots. We will also never use them to send you unsolicited messages, except if you win the contest, of course.
      You can start submitting screenshots as soon as you read this message. The submissions will close on the 31st of December at 23:59 GMT.
      From the 1st to the 4th of January, the judges will decide on the 10 best screenshots for each category.
      On the 4th of January, we will announce the screenshots that made it to the final round. We will add them to specific albums on our Facebook page, where everyone will be able to like them. On the 11th of January, at 21:59 GMT, the winning screenshots for each category will be those that will have received the most likes. Basically, 1 like equals 1 vote.
      Finally, we will contact the winners and we will make sure that they get their prizes.
      The contest is open to anyone over 13. We will cover the shipping costs, if any.
      More on the Prizes
      The main prizes are the Mists of Pandaria Collector's Editions, which are all signed by the developers. These priceless editions are a present from the North America Community team at Blizzard, and we thank them heartily for giving us a chance to organise such a nice contest.
      The licenses in all the Mists of Pandaria editions are US-only, which means that they can only be used to upgrade a US account. If you have a US account that is already upgraded to Mists of Pandaria, you can upgrade it again to the Collector's Edition (to get the in-game goodies), and you can ask Customer Support to refund you a Mists of Pandaria key. European players, shall they win a Collector's Edition, will not be able to benefit from the in-game goodies or a Collector's Edition Mists of Pandaria key. They will, however, still be able to enjoy the remaining contents of the box.
      The mounts and pets from the Blizzard Store will be provided by us, as we usually do in our weekly giveaways. Winners will choose 1 mount and 1 pet from the Blizzard Store, and we will oblige.
      Ask Mr. Robot, our partner for everything pertaining to stat priorities, gems, reforging, and best-in-slot, will be offering free access to their premium features. More information on their website.
      TypeFrag, one of the best voice server rental services out there, will be offering free access to their services for the winners. They will be able to choose the voice server they prefer: Teamspeak, Ventrilo, or Mumble. The size of the server (10 slots or 25 slots) will depend on whether the guild of the winner is raiding 10-man or 25-man.
      Your screenshots will be judged by:
      some of our moderators: Peelyon, MadMonk, and Auracle; Mr. Robot, your gear optimization guru; Chris Hanel from The Daily Blink, the famous World of Warcraft Webcomic; chaud, who brings you news every day on MMO-Champion; Noelani and Ironyca, who run WoW Roleplay Gear, a fantastic resource for transmogrification; David Grampa, CEO and Founder of TypeFrag; RM, Guild Master of Inner Sanctum (EU-Silvermoon); Michael Oglesby, who made (and continues to make) this website so easy to navigate; Jamie Syke, who designed our logo; Dawn Moore and Anne Stickney from WoW Insider; Zastaph, Guild Master of Fury on EU-Shadowsong, a good friend of ours; Arielle, from The Inconspicuous Bear, the go-to site for Guardian Druids. The judges have been listed in the order in which they have replied to us. We may add a few more names, as we are still expecting answers.
      If we happen to receive hundreds and hundreds of submissions, Vlad and I will trim them down to a reasonable number before passing them onto the judges.
      We have been doing weekly giveaways for more than a year now, but this is the first time that we organise something of this magnitude, and with such prizes. Please be indulgent, we will probably not get everything right, this time.
      If you notice anything wrong with the rules of the contest or the timeline, please let your opinion be known!
    • By Damien
      Here are the winners:
      Peelyon: 303 points Alierya: 222 points MadMonk: 160 points LCSscallywag: 111 points Stoove: 110 points meukow: 106 points Neridae: 99 points Zagam: 87 points Redcross: 86 points HardBeatZ: 85 points We are very happy with the way things turned out. Forum activity is definitely on the right track and the contributions have been great! Also, the results did not give us a headache as the winners are clear and the 11th contestant only has 68 points.We will now contact the winners, who will be encouraged to post a screenshot of their prize(s) in this thread ;)
    • By Damien
      To celebrate the recent birth of our forums, we are holding a one-month contest where the 10 best forum contributors will be rewarded as follows:
      1st: $100 Amazon Gift Card, or $100 worth of Steam games, or all the mounts and pets from the Blizzard Store. 2nd and 3rd: $50 Amazon Gift Card, or $50 worth of Steam games, or $50 worth of mounts and pets from the Blizzard Store. 4th and 5th: A mount or two pets of their choice from the Blizzard Store. 6th to 10th: A pet of their choice from the Blizzard Store. Vlad and I are not eligible to enter the contest. Everyone else can enter.
      On the 1st of July, at 14:00 GMT, we will attribute points to each and everyone of you. We will then rank you according to the number of points you obtained. Points are obtained in the following ways:
      1 point per forum post; 1 point for every post that Vlad or I liked (2 points if both of us liked). additional points given by current reputation on the forums: 5 points if you are friendly; 15 points if you are honored; 35 points if you are revered; 70 points if you are exalted.
      As always, we want to promote quality content, so we will keep a very close eye on the forums to make sure that no one is making non constructive posts just to increase their forum count.
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