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help with destruction spec, very low dps

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Changed spec from demo to destruction because of the nerfs, but when I went into hellfire citadel this week my damage was horrible.

Can anyone help me optimize my spec?

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Bilaubr/simple=> armory


1 - should I use dark soul on cd, or wait on trink procs?


2 - t17 4 pc should be used right away or during increased dmg procs?


3 - how much mastery should I get for charred remains to be worth it? I've got mastery in everything I could find, but when I look at other locks they all have 2k+


ty in advance.

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First off, do you have logs you could post? Would really help things out here since armory doesn't give much of an insight into how you are playing it.


1) Use first charge on pull as trinkets proc, prepot, sometimes lust etc. From then on, make sure you're keeping 3.5 embers saved up for a trinket proc. If you don't need to save DS for a priority add or some such mechanic, pop it when trinkets proc. Don't let yourself sit on 2 charges, though, if your second charge is about to come back up just use the first one and dump it on 3-4 chaos bolts (preferably with Havoc).


2) You're going to have to spend it, you don't want to cap on embers and you quite frankly do no damage with your generators compared to Chaos Bolts. Just continue spending embers to keep around 3 - 3.5 saved up. Unless a trinket procs then spend as many as you can within it's window of activation (even without DS, take advantage of your trinket procs and shoot off as many empowered CBs as possible!)


3) As far as I know once you have T17 4pc or T18 2/4pc bonuses you will always use GrimSac + Charred Remains. Don't worry too much about your stats but yeah, gem and enchant Mastery since most fights are cleave and therefore crit doesn't benefit you as much.


Edit: Liarparadox is definitely right, sometimes you get that ember proc and you end up capping, it's probably best to keep right around 3 embers or slightly below. The problem being sometimes right when you spend an ember to keep below 3 you get a trinket proc and then you miss out on a CB but RNG is RNG.


Hopefully that covered it all fairly well.

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If you're using charred, I think I'd recommend not going above 3 embers, ever. Even 2.7 is probably fine to throw off a CB. You can cap extremely quickly and if you wait until you have 3.5 you're going to cap for sure. I often cap even if I wait for 3 embers. Do this a few times and you're wasting lots of CBs. But you'll get a sense of when you can cast one more incinerate and when you can't; and it will depend on haste levels a bit, how many immolates you have up, and so on. I just found with me that going above 2.7 embers is a mistake.

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Yeah with the 2 set my preferred place to stay under is 2.8 embers as you never know when you will get a full one. 


In a raid DS willl tend to be timed around a burn phase on a priority add for example. If no nuke phase and I am not in a hurry to get a DS in I will wait for another trinket proc and also go higher on embers. Not clue whether this is actually best practice but it's what I do. 


Not sure the amount of mastery matters that much compared to the (T17) 4 set and a good dumping trinket. Ultimately you can only play with what you have been given. 

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