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[US-PvP][H] LFM 1700+ RBGs to Push 2200

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I am trying to form a regular group of people that are fun to play with and talented at the game. You must be at least 1700 CR and well geared. When I get enough people I will do some trial runs and replace some people. I'm going to need a phenomenal TC. I'm fairly experienced, but I'm no 2400+ Hero of the Horde, so this group will not be a dictatorship. I will also put in the work finding backups and looking up strategies.

If you are interested add my BattleTag: Godka#1730

TL:DR - Trying to form a regular 1700 RBG group to push, add me.

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      Undaunted Gaming League is a family based guild, that means most of us have families and careers and are unable to play WoW at all times, that is recruiting players to band together for core teams. We would like to form teams for arena, RBG's, Daily Mythic dungeons, raid progression, gold making, and even battle pets. Even if you are a casual player that is looking to socialize, or want a team to work together on professions, we would like to help you help us. is our guild site, feel free to stop by to fill out an application and email a guild member for an invite. If you would like additional information, please message a player in game or myself directly darkmograine#1675
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      We Were Prepared is a Horde guild (Mug'thol) recruiting for Heroic farm and Mythic raiding progression, as well as aiming to build a core RBG team.

      Currently we raid Tuesday-Thursday nights at 10pm PST until 12 Midnight. 

      We're seeking active and engaging members for our core team to begin mythic progression.

      If you have any questions or would like an invite or have questions about the guild please PM me or message Rhythrael, Rhyker or Xchaos in game
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      Hi guys.
      I quit wow during cata and came back to find a lot has changed since then. This time around I would like to focus on PVP, RBG's in particular. Any help/advice in regards to getting my Dpriest ready for RBG's (stats, enchants, gems, BiS honor gear) would be very much appreciated.
    • By Rilm
      Greetings all friends, acquaintances and strangers.   Nightfire is a guild that were started early in April 2014. Throughout a month, Nightfire have had a steep gradient curve when it comes to new members as well as organization, and at the moment does Nightfire consist of 76 members, where 85% are endgame players (IE level 90).   History of Nightfire: NightFire was started by two brothers who has throughout many years in World of Warcraft gained a lot of experience. Together they've led several guild to success in different expansions of World of Warcraft, and their latest initiative was full clear of Firelands when Cataclysm was hot (literally).   Now you're probably wondering what happen to these guilds? First and foremost, in several occasions a lack of activity in the long run, as well as new extensions have created a problem. When Mist of Pandaria came out these brothers once again tried to create a guild, but this time it didn't work out quite well. Therefore, they both decided to take a break from World of Warcraft, just to recuperate and to find new opportunities. After about a year without World of Warcraft, there was enough waiting for both of them.   And here they are once again, but this time the focus is directed towards Warlord of Draenor.   Organization: After about a year without World of Warcraft, they've had the time to plan new ideas and goals for the new expansion (Warlords of Draenor). And as a result, Nightfire were started. Nightfire is mainly divided into two departments, were one is for 'Player versus Player' and the other for 'Player versus Environment. The reason for creating two departments, were mainly to cover all forms of activity in the game. And so far everything seems to work out quite well.    If there is one thing many leaders of a guild doing wrong today, it is to not let other people get to say their opinion and also listen to their advice. In Nightfire that is not a case, here can everyone come with their opinion and we let everyone speak up if they have to say. With this focus, we've gained a lot of respect not only from our members, but also from the outside and others.    As previously mentioned, we have divided Nightfire into two main departments. And already now we've assigned three raid leaders for the PvE department and two leaders for PvP department.    PvE Department: The PvE department is led by three committed players, Aneira, Lemurian and Bathran. They've all played World of Warcraft for a long time, and they have good experience with leading from previous guilds. Even though they will be leading the raids in Warlord of Draenor, they've already started to recruit new players to their department. If you want to take part in this, make an application today.    PvP Department: For the PvP department, Rilm and Celriah will be leading. Rilm and Celriah are the brothers who started Nightfire. To this department we've also opened the recruitment, so if you want to take part in this. Make an application.   Raids/RBG When it comes to days and time, we've not yet determined any specific day or time. But this is things that will come into place when both parts are relevant.   Where do I apply? At the moment we're working on a brand new website for Nightfire, so it is not done yet. But in the meanwhile you can visit our forum and make a application there.    The URL to the forum is:   We hope to hear from you!   Best regards,  Aneira, Lemurian, Bathran, Celriah and Rilm 
    • By Boodizz
      Hey guys. Thought I'd contribute by making a list of some macros that will help you out in PvP. I will eventually add some class specific ones.
      Target team mates
      I use macros like these, as it is much quicker than clicking frames. Replace Boodizz with the name of the player you want to target.
      /tar Boodizz
      Use a spell on team mates without losing your target
      This is really helpful for dispelling/decursing/freedoming etc. a team mate while not losing your target. Replace Boodizz with the player name and Dispell Magic with the spell you wish to use.
      /cast [@Boodizz] Dispel Magic;
      Use a spell on a certain enemy in arena
      This will use the named spell on an enemy in arena depending on what 'number enemy' they are (enemy on top is number 1, enemy below number 2 etc.)
      /cast [@arena1] Fear;
      Use a spell on your focus
      This will cast the named spell on your focus.
      /cast [@focus] Hex;
      Use a spell on your target, but if shift is down use it on your focus
      This will fear your target, but if shift is held down, it will fear your focus (can be changed to any modifier e.g. ctrl, alt)
      /cast [nomod] Fear;
      /cast [mod:shift,@focus] Fear;
      Use various pieces of gear
      The following will use the piece of gear referenced (e.g. Engineer enchants, on use trinkets)
      /use 10
      /use 15
      /use 6
      Trinket slot 1 (top)
      /use 13
      Trinket slot 2 (bottom)
      /use 14
      Warlock Specific
      Use a pet skill depending on what pet you have out
      This will use the listed pet spell, depending on which demon you have out. E.g. If you press the bind with a Felhunter out, it will spell lock your target. You can also make another macro using the same setup, but different pet spells.
      /cast [pet:Voidwalker] Sacrifice;
      [pet:Imp] Singe Magic;
      [pet:Succubus,nomodifier] Seduction;
      [pet:Felhunter,nomodifier] Spell Lock;
      [pet:Felguard,nomodifier] Intercept;
      Use a pet skill on your focus
      This is basically the same as the above, but it uses it on your focus. I added the Imp ability flee in, as the Imp has no spell fit for focus.
      /cast [pet:Voidwalker] Suffering;
      [pet:Imp] Flee;
      [pet:Succubus,nomodifier,target=focus] Seduction;[pet:Felhunter,nomodifier,target=focus] Spell Lock;[pet:Felguard,nomodifier,target=focus] Intercept;
      Banish macro
      This will banish your target if you have one, or will banish your mosueover if you have one.
      /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Banish; Banish;
      Armor swap
      Toggles between Fel Armor & Demon Armor
      /castsequence Fel Armor, Demon Armor;
      Focus soul swap
      This will exhale your soul swap on your focus.
      /cast [@focus][] Soul Swap
      I have some more to add, but that's all I can get in for now. I will be expanding this section.
      Hope this helped!