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My dps seems horriable,

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Hey all, I have been doing WW monk for only a small time, (the new guild I joined didn't need a tank) - however I seem t suck at it. Mainly on fights were lots of little adds appear (either in ones or small groups)  We went to HFC last night and on the first boss my dps was soo sooo bad. 
It got a bit better on our wipes of Iron Reaver but still I feel its a bit low.


I'm trying to time my fof to when hes actually going to be standing still.  Or should I be taking the glyph of i can move while fofing and just use it when ever. 

Any help would be appreciated, Ive seen that the "top" monks on amr are using chi torpedo for the first fight. I can try that next time. 
Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Loreleí/advanced
Log: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/76068bdd-7eef-4c57-8918-4d4451dfd5e2/boss/overview#c=35


Thank you. 


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      I was just browsing the forums to find some more advanced information for myself and see you hadn't been helped out yet. I am NOT an expert on ww monks but I've been studying this class and playing it since late mop.


     First off on Hellfire Assault I noticed you went with jade wind, chi exp, and chi burst, and dropped it for a single target spec after the first wipe. I found it was so much easier to keep the aoe spec because there are some great times for a full TEB burst fest. 

    That being said on my guilds first kill for this as well I focused a lot more on keeping my SEF up on the brutes and running through with jade wind to build chi while putting out RSK debuff  and popping TEB stacks before a chi exp or FoF.


   I know I most likely botched that explanation because I've never really tried to explain how to play this class to someone before, nothing helps learning more than logs!




   Second! For Iron Reaver (don't worry, my guild didn't down him the first night either) I noticed you had Chi Burst on, that's a huge no for that fight, take chi wave, you'll find it much better for single target encounters. Otherwise you seem to be doing pretty well for that encounter and you're honestly missing so much dps without your 4 set T17 for single target fights.


   Here are my logs for that as well, i do suggest looking at logs of people greater than me as well, but I have the deepest level of understanding comparing them to my own,



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Thats great, Thank you. The reason I went more single target after the first wipe on hellfire was due to my guild having plenty of aoe for the little mobs but not so much on the cannons. 
and alright, I'll swap out chi burst for chi wave. and see how that works out. I tended to spend too much time running around and was miles behind my guildies for most of the fights.  Thanks for your logs i will go though them and see what i can do better :)
Thanks again. 

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