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Hellfire 2 - Return to Dominance

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So as always, here's the discussion thread on the Hellfire Citadel raid. I'll break it down boss by boss; what we have to worry about, which specs we should be playing and when, and any glyph / talent changes that I recommend.


I have yet to see a fight where I'm not sitting at the top of the meter, hence the name Return to Dominance. Hellfire is great for Rogues in general - there's good times ahead of us


As always, if you have your own input or opinions then by all means feel free to chime in.



Hellfire Assault


Combat is definitely the way to go for this fight. It's pretty much just a giant pile of adds that you need to kill as quickly as possible.


Your priority adds should be the Felcasters - when they become Terrors, they need to die ASAP. Be sure to kick their casts in addition to any Engineers that show up.


The only time you need to stop cleaving is if you're the one assigned to run ammo from the Siege Machines to the cannons, or if they get too close to the cannons and you need to peel off to take them down.


Burst of Speed is going to be a great talent if you're the one running Ammo, but otherwise being able to Shadowstep>Kick an add is invaluable.



Iron Reaver


Assassination really shines for this fight. Losing boss uptime when he dashes away isn't so bad due to your poisons staying on target, and Vendetta lines up nicely with his Dash - it should be coming off cooldown right as he is about to use his second one, so hold on to it for a few seconds until he's back in range


Mechanics-wise, this fight is absurdly easy. So long as you don't stand in front of him, you won't get hit by Fire or his Dash, and you'll be fine. Be sure to kill bombs ASAP and you'll kill him in no time





Both Combat and Assassination are valid specs to play for this fight. There isn't a whole lot of Cleave, so I've been playing Assassination, but if your team doesn't have very much AoE damage for the Hands then you should help out with Combat.


Again, there isn't a whole lot of melee specific mechanics in this fight - avoiding the Fel Outpouring is really all there is to worry about



Hellfire Council


Due to how important executing these bosses is, Assassination really shines here. 


Burst of Speed is probably a good choice so you can run out with the Mark before Reap more easily



Kilrogg Deadeye


This fight is all about single target damage - Assassination is great at that, and also great at cleaving into the big add as it comes out since you can use it for some free Dispatches.


The Vision of Death also lines up perfectly with Vendetta coming off cooldown - if you get yourself down into the other realm and come out with a 200% damage boost with all your cooldowns up, you'll be able to put out some absolutely insane damage





Assassination is probably the go-to spec for Gorefiend as well. Every 2 minutes he gets Feast for Souls, which increases his damage taken dramatically, and lines up perfectly with Vendetta's cooldown.


Don't forget that you can stun (or Shiv them for a huge slow) the adds in the downstairs phase to make killing them a lot easier.



Shadow-Lord Iskar


Another fight for Combat, Iskar gives you the potential to get some crazy cleave when the adds come out. Keep an eye on his health pool - since he runs away at set percentages, you can delay a red buff Killing Spree or Mirror of the Blademaster activation until you have all the adds out.


During this fight, don't forget to use Marked for Death on the adds that come out - you can easily get 2 or 3 off per air phase that way, and still have one to use on the boss.



Socrethar the Eternal


I play Assassination for this fight, although there could be an argument made for Combat if your guild groups up all of the caster adds. Playing Sin allows for a lot of extra cp generated with the 4pc on the adds as they spawn and are killed off, which you can then use as more Envenoms to put into the boss


The main thing that you should remember for this fight is that you always need to be kicking something - the boss and the adds are both interruptable, although the Boss is much higher priority.



Fel Lord Zakuun


Sin is the best spec for this as well - the boss has some enforced downtime, which will be less punishing as Sin, but it's also exclusively single target


I recommend taking Elusiveness for this fight, because almost everything that can hit you counts as an AoE spell, and will be drastically reduced in damage with this talent. Burst of Speed is also great for this encounter, because there are many times where you may have to take off running, either to block a wave or run Seeds out of your raid


Try and spend the entire fight inside this boss' hitbox - you can avoid every Cavitation this way.




Another Combat fight, Xhul almost always has adds out that you should be cleaving into all the time. Don't forget to use MfD on the small imps that spawn all the time - it's just free Combo Points very often during the fight


Burst of Speed is pretty essential, since you can run out Fire debuffs more quickly and get them farther away from the raid.



Tyrant Velhari


Assassination is the best pick here by far. There's a lot of time where there's an add up, and having a second target to keep Rupture on greatly increases DPS. 


The trick with this fight is that you can't move for the first phase, or you risk taking a ton of damage. To this end, Shadowstep is amazing, as you won't take any damage when you cast it. Feint is also incredible for this fight as you can severely mitigate a lot of the damage you'll take by popping it before a spell goes out

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While watching his stream, some things I got from Iron Reaver fight that may be worth adding:


- If you go Mut (tch), do a quick 1CP Rupture on bombs right before they die, you'll walk off with a full energy bar;

- His Dash remembers a lot the Butcher's dash - you can pretty much Shadowstep it to keep up;

- Feint is yer friend. Add up Elusiveness and tada, your healer will "forget" of you since you "don't take" damage.


Carrn, you've ran Sub on any of those fights already?




That shaman bursting 250k yesterday was the funniest thing I've seen in the week. Everyone meter racing then BOOM - one single blue line sparking 200k+ DPS. Though it's nothing new ahaha

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Nope, haven't tried Sub. I'll give it a go if and when I get my 4 set bonus, but I don't believe it will actually be better than Sin overall.

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