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Looking for Constructive Criticism - Resto Sham

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Hey guys, 

Log time lurker but made an account to hopefully get some help. I've had this sham since vanilla. I recently switched my main over and went resto.


Until recently I've been pugging around and not really taking raiding to serious, but now I'm in the this pretty decent guild and really need to step my game up.


I'm feeling a bit weaker than my counter parts. I know having a disc priest around with the amount of mastery i have stacked isnt going to let me top the charts. I'm looking for some constructive criticism and ways that I can represent the resto sham a bit better.



Logs from tonight:


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Hello, Breadzie.


First of all I have some questions about your gear choice.

I would be interested to know your preferred secondary stats. Are they Mastery and Haste?

What is the reason for you to keep 675 hands with Haste and Versatility? Even if you were extremely unlucky with loot, why not to use some crafted (at least 685 ilvl) hands with Mastery+Haste?

Same with the belt. It has Crit+Multi - far from the optimal for a resto shaman and not that high ilvl that makes you keep a piece with bad secondaries for the primary stat benefit.

Your Ardent Seal trinket looks a bit off to me. There are a lot of better trinkets imo.

Are you okay with enchanting to Haste on progression fights? I'm just curious here. I'm chanting to Haste on farm but while progressing still prefer Mastery.


Now the logs:


Hellfire Assault:


1. You have WAY too many healers for this fight. 5 healers and every one of them is doing 60% overheal? Even your disc has 40% overheal which is an extremely high number for this class. In addition you have a DK tank that did exactly the same healing as your Holy Priest so technically your raid had 6 healers for 22-man. You should drop one healer and it's not a surprise that your HPS was that low - you had literally nothing to heal.

My raid has average 691 ilvl and we killed Assault HC with 3 healers (pala/druid/shaman) for 15-man. It was totally comfortable.


2. Why do you use the Glyph of Riptide? 


You have 3 other healers that constantly blanket the raid with HoTs / shields: Disc with PW:S, Druid with Rejuv and Holy Priest with Renew.

So you gutted 70% of your Riptide and actually the initial part - the only one that could do some real healing in your healing setup and left the useless HoT part that is heavily overlapped by all the other healers.


Your glyphed Riptide did 1.2M of healing with 65% overheal, in the same fight (with the same fight length) my non-glyphed Riptide did 2.4M of healing with 40% overheal. 

If the idea was to blanket the raid for better usage of High Tide - it didn't do a very good work.


Your Chain Heal did 2.94M+0.84M of healing, my Chain Heal did 4.84M+1.31M of healing - it's almost double difference.


We had this discussion about pros and contras of Glyph of Riptide many times in this section, I'll copy for you one of my answers:


"One more aspect of our playstyle that was affected by the EotE redesign is the Glyph of Riptide. While an argument could be made about the Glyph in terms of healing throughput in Highmaul (and that it was somewhat useful as a utility for managing High Tide), in BRF we can easily keep enough Riptides on the raid for the talent without cutting off Riptide's initial healing.


I can't say that I don't see the Glyph being used in Resto Shaman logs but frankly, we don't have enough time and mana to blanket the entire raid with Glyphed Riptide (there’s usually too many people in the raid in WoD) just to be sure that whoever takes damage will benefit from High Tide. You can end up Riptiding the 'wrong' people. In practical terms, you begin blanketing the raid in advance, stop blanketing just to cast some healing spells and then find out that some other people took damage and now you have to Riptide and Chain Heal them. Meanwhile your initial 'blanketing' has faded providing nothing but overheal.


In my opinion, there is still an argument to be made for using Glyph of Riptide but that argument doesn’t hold as much water as before 6.1. I personally wouldn’t use it for any encounter going forward."


The only usage (and still doubtful for me) of Glyph of Riptide in current raiding could theoretically be in raid comp without HoT healing classes. But frankly, with T18 4-p bonus and a class trinket - I would get rid of this Glyph for good. 


3. You should position your Spirit Link Totem better if you are going to use it.

Your SLT did 39K of 'healing' while my SLT did 1M. 


4. You were pretty much OOM for the last 2 mins. of the fight. Why didn't you use Channeled Mana Potion (or at least  a standard one)?


Iron Reaver:


1. Same about amount of healers.

2. Healing Rain looks pretty useless here - did almost 80% overheal from 281K of healing. Don't waste your mana ^^




Any particular reason to have this low uptime for the Riptide? 67% on the last attempt and once more this Glyph.... :-/

I didn't do this fight yet so if there is a specific reason for the low Riptide uptime, just ignore me.




1. In general, even that I wrote a wall of text here, you playstyle is pretty solid and doesn't have any significant mistakes. HST and Riptide uptime is fine, raid CDs usage is right. I can't see any problems in your spell choice.

Most of the problems that I mentioned above while affecting your healing heavily, could be resolved immediately by ditching the Glyph, changing some gear pieces and using Mana Pots when OOM.

The other problem that unfortunately you can't solve if you are not a RL is the number of healers you are using in raid. Try to talk to your RL if it's possible and explain what happens.


A side note: as you can see, while my gear is lower in ilvl, my Chain Heal average tick is pretty much stronger than yours: 14.9K vs 20.3K on Hellfire Assault, 25.4K vs 34.6K on Iron Reaver.

I think that it comes from our Spell Power (and Intellect) difference (6394 vs 6949). You can negate this difference though with a wise gearing.

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Thanks for the quick and detailed response. I'll try to answer your questions.


Secondary stats I've been going spirit->mastery->haste.


That may not be that apparent with the crit mult belt and haste rings. I had a 645 belt and just upgraded the first belt I got before I had to enter the raid. I had mastery enchants on my rings, but wanted to try haste as my heals have been "lowerish" and even with the haste im sitting at 88.83% mastery completely unbuffed. Which seems to be higher than a lot of the top shaman who have better gear. The trinket I picked up to replace a 670 Ironspike Chew Toy.      



I saw it was one of the top glyphs back when I started and thought it was a viable option with high tide. Given all the running in some of these fights (blanket time) I thought it was ok. What you wrote makes sense and I've switched to Healing Wave. 


I'll work on my SLT placement.


The fight was so in the bag that I didnt think I should waste a mana potion. Mana potions are pretty cheap prob have should just used one. 


Iron Reaver Healing Rain. With the number of melee there and having a HoT in place I thought it would be worth it. Guess not in that phase as they take little dmg and have disc shields.


Archimonde: Low up time. Prob not an excuse but I was zoned off the tanks a couple of times and there is a ton of running, catching up on healing, catching people from the fall thing. I should likely prioritize still getting the RTs up.





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