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Leveling selfhealing issues.Please help !

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Hi all i decided to play my tiny monk i got boosted to 90 after the new expansion :)

There is no problem with rotation and dps (i think cause mobs dying fine and fast enough) BUT there is a big issue with my health.

Every class i played so far (all 9 of them) i had no problems surviving and selfhealing but with the monk mechanics i cannot find a way to be full health easily without much effort and always i have to check my health bar which is ofter very low and make me nervous.

I use Expel Harm ,Chi wave even some tiger eye brew after each fight or during to be full health and gets very annoying and not fun to play.

Am i doing something wrong? 

Can u give me a tip because its the first class i really getting very tired leveling and have to look my health all the time especially after a pack of 2 or three mobs.

Maybe something wrong with my glyphs or my talents?



Thank you all!!!


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Hi there,


If you arent fussed with leveling spec then go Brewmaster and guard/lol your way through to 100


If you are intent on lvling as a WW then make good use of your stuns (Leg sweep, Fist of fury) and Storm earth and fire. Like you already mentioned use Expel harm on cd to heal. Surging mist will chew energy but can be used after combat to heal up. Chi wave on cd.


Use Xuen as a bit if an oh crap i pulled too much and dont forget to use your dampen harm/diffuse magic. I prefer them to healing elixers while lvling as it is a usable cd as opposed to a passive heal.


Persist is all i can say more than this :)

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