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Holy Paladin - first time healing

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So Ive recently swapped from Prot to holy.  I healed my first raid last night, and I can say that I do not feel that I did very well.  I healed the last xpac on a shaman, and used to top meters.


I still need a few pieces of gear but I think Ive got a decentish set.


Any assistance would be appreciated.  It currently feels....clunky.


Here's the WarcraftLogs for last night.


Here's my AMR profile as well.  Id post armory as well, but battle net is blocked at my work :-)


**EDIT**  well, I noticed one problem with my healing.  My mouseover macros weren't working, so most of my heals were cast at me instead of my targets. My healing improved to about 20k HPS after fixing it in the latest logs


any tips for improvement would still be appreciated though :-)

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OK I will adress first things you can do WITHOUT changing gear, should give imediate improve:

Try glyphing for Hand of Sacrifice, and Glyph of Merciful Wrath. Sacrifice is self explanatory(you should not need divine protection glyphed since most dmg that hit us, healers, in HFC is magic, specialy after Devotion Aura buff to reduce physical dmg).

When you are using the lvl 70 talent Sanctified Wrath (as you are) you will probably want to combo it with Glyph of Merciful Wrath, turning youre Holy Wrath into a 30sec buff with 90 sec cooldown (30% uptime), losing 50% of the bonus heal should not hurt you so much, as from my experience (and forum tips) you usualy do ALOT of overheals with it aniway, making the glyph very good.


Pointing examples of the above, using youre logs (looking only at the council, 9:40mins fight)


You used the very powerfull 3 minute +100% heal Avenging Wrath once, where youre friend holy pally used 3 times:


In the mean time, both youre RET pallys, who prob have it glyphed, used 4-5 times



So imagine if you had 4-5 casts of it, with the bonus 50% duration from youre Sanctified Wrath talent.


Also try using youre Holy Prism more often, from the logs seemeed you barely used 4-5 times on a 9:40 fight, could have gotten at least 12 casts from it.


Study further the encounters to time Devotion Aura properly (ony 1 use on 7:30 mins Iron Reaver Fight 

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/YZFHfG8M7w61JyAC#type=auras&fight=13&source=2 )


For instance set with the other healers one raid cooldown for each "Pounding" cast, with 3 healers rotating should be enough, since the 4rth cast always come 3 minutes (or more) after the first:


(Same goes for Kormrok's Pound)

The idea here is take exemple from theese 2 boss skills I told you, and find for each boss what should you be aiming to mitigate with Devotion Aura.


As for ITEMS, you sould invest further in Crit to make best use of the Holy Shock procs Infusion of Light (0.8sec Holy Light)

Mastery is not the beauty it was a while back, you can surely tune it down, Haste reduces Holy Shock cooldon, witch means more Holy Power/min, so you should go for that once you are confortable with crit and spirit.


Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/azralon/Worthun/advanced

(I have TOO MUCH crit, and TOO LOW haste, will have to change that, around 20-23% unbuffed crit should be enough, because holy shock has 2x crit chance, avenging wrath gives +20%, and the lvl70 talent Sanctified Wrath also +20% so you should have 3 sec shocks with 100% crit during the 30 sec wrath. My spirit is too high also but hey, cant turn down the heroic blackhand trinket :P so it will stay like that for now. As for WEAPON ENCHANT, you should go Shadowmoon untill you are comfortable with youre mana, Thunderlord after that)

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