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Mastering the Discipline skill

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Hello guys. I played my entire wow life (3 months) like a holy priest. Now, I chanegd my spec to Disc because his damage absorbing and DPS contribution are great.

Of course when i changed the spec i was a little confused but the icy veins tutorials helped me a lot with rotations and cooldowns.

But I still need help.

I am fascinated with the the Atonement Healing. For Dungeons is perfect, just need to spam Smite/ Peneance and cast Shield on tank... rarely i need to use another healing...

But in raid healing the results are far too confusing.

At my first time i tried to heal as i used too in my old Holy spec, the results was awl full... so I passed 3 weeks joining RF and just using atonement healing...

Sometimes the result are great... the recount show sometimes that i am in the 2nd position but sometimes i stay in 5th. To get the thing worse i do not know why sometimes are effective and sometime don't For example in the first try of some boss i stayed in 6th, we wiped and in the next try i did the same thing and get the 1st on heals. It is very confusing.

My guild will create a core next month and i need to be great. I want to gather all information to become a great healer, so.. when the atonement healing need to be used and when i need to use normal healing like Prayer of Healing and Flash Heal? I will watch some videos in HQ on youtube as well... if somebody link good videos/channels for me to learn something i will thanks a lot too. Anything to master my healing in one month. The icy veins guide is great but... i need to improve a lot more...



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I use Holy Fire and Penance on Cooldown on the Boss, and just spam smite when there's nothing better to do... Some fights I use Penance directly on the Tank, for Grace, but it's not always necessary.

Generally, along with the other healer(s), atonement healing plus PW:S will be enough to keep the Tanks up. Switch to Flash Heal or Greater Heal if they're taking more dmg than atonement can provide.

When the whole raid takes dmg, use Archangel; switch to PoH spam; keep Prayer of Mending bouncing; use Spirit Shell when predictable damage is coming up (Force and Verve is a good example, but every Boss has some form of predictable raid damage mechanic).

That's the basic Disc toolbox.

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