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Funniest Hearthstone win

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Yesterday I was in a match Priest v. Priest. On the board he had 5 minions up including 2 clerics and I had 4 up including pyromancer. I noticed he had 9 cards in his hand. My move

card Coin -pyro 1 dmg to all 9 minions

card CoH - 9 minions healed -draws 1 card and discards 17- pyro 1 dmg to all 9

card CoH - 9 minions healed - discards 1 or 2 cards fatigued damage kills


30+ damage 3 cards 0 mana spent smile.png



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Yup, this is where the phrase "Never go full Northshire" comes from, most Priest players learn this the hard way at some point :)

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Had one earlier. Warlock vs priest
Turn 3: Tap: into Power overwhelming I have an egg down, I power overwhelming it, swing to face
His T3: Light of the Naaru, heal face.
My t4: Voidcaller face with nerubian
His t4: Auchenai CoH kills board, except his auchenai, voidcaller pulls Mal'Ganis out of hand. (only demon in it)
My t5: swing with Mal, drop Img gang, mortal coil auchenai.
His t5: mad healing rush to avoid death gets him to 18 life. He concedes.

First time Demonlock has worked properly for me, and it was glorious. I laughed so much, I suspect he didn't.

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