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Chipped Soul Prism?

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Hey guys,


So, since the recent hotfix that made the Chipped Soul Prism now usable for us, how do you think it'll weigh with other trinkets. I don't see it beating out Soul Capacitor and obviously not the Archimonde trink, but I'm curious as to how it'll hold out against the others with it's all around benefit. I tried to Shadowcraft and Mr Robot it for rankings but it doesn't look like they have updated it since the hotfix. 


Thoughts anyone?

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I'd have to actually Sim it, but I don't expect that it will be terribly great.


Mostly due to the ilevel, the only one that's comparable is Fel-Spring Coil. It's probably decent for Combat, because all of the stats for Combat are fairly equal, but I don't think it will be comparable to anything else for any other spec

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