[Request] Trinket analysis for Shadow priest T18

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Hello, I'd like to get a run down of the dps trinkets for Shadow Priests excluding the class trinket. 


inv_misc_enggizmos_14.jpgIron Reaver Piston, simple static stat trinket with high levels of haste.


sha_ability_rogue_bloodyeye.jpgUnblinking Gaze of Sethe, can someone explain how dots might proc this?


inv_6_2raid_trinket_4b.jpgProphecy of Fear, looks awesome!!!


achievement_dungeon_shadowmoonhideout.jpDesecrated Shadowmoon Insignia, nice mastery, probably less useful for aus spirits. 


Another interest I have is about a unique interaction between inv_6_2raid_trinket_4b.jpgProphecy of Fear and sha_ability_rogue_bloodyeye.jpgUnblinking Gaze of Sethe. In short, do procs from sha_ability_rogue_bloodyeye.jpgUnblinking Gaze of Sethe also proc (either initial proc to place debuff, OR on hit procs) from inv_6_2raid_trinket_4b.jpgProphecy of Fear


Any information about some analysis of these would be awesome and helpful. Thanks in advance!

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