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Recommendations on staged gear

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Hello all. I am looking to start playing an enhancement shaman and an elemental shaman for raiding. I still have to level the guy up through the 90's and plan to do so as enhance.


Because staged gear can be equipped at 91, I would like to give my enhancement shaman 3 pieces of stage 6 so I can be both OP during leveling and have 3 slots ready for raiding when I hit 100.


For both specs, I have decided on weapons for two of the slots. I am unable to figure out what is ideal for the final slot. I know the normal suggestion is "Chest or legs, something with a lot of stats on it" but big numbers is not the criteria I want to use.


Instead, I want a piece that will not be easily replaceable. This means that I would expect that 3rd slot to not be replaced until mid to late mythic. While the higher stats on legs/chest/helm are tempting, they would be replaced for a lower ilvl piece due to 4 piece. Legs also seem to have an early mythic alternative, so this kills all the tier slot options for me.


Secondary to that, I would want the 3rd piece to cover a slot that would have otherwise nonideal stats. The example of this would be a stage 6 bracer with haste/multi would beat out the best heroic drop vers/crit. 


Any advice? Cost is not an issue to me here.

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