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please help me to choose a heal class

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hello my name is Josué and I have cerebral palsy since I was born,the people told me to play a hunter because is an easy class but I find it boring, so, I decided to play a healer, I have a bit slower hands  because of my problem but not so much, please I know every class has some complexity  and different styles 

disci.holy pala mosty 4 tanks.

every one else is most 4 raid healling even they can be good tank healers.



all that I want is do pve content and try my best but if is possible the easiest healers with least buttons. I have a gaming mouse with 10 buttons

any suggestion?


sorry 4 my english  I am spanish :) 

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Heyas, Ationn and welcome to the forums.


I've used to play 5 healing classes, recently I'm raiding on resto shaman and disc priest and doing CMs on my resto druid. In addition I am the healing co-ord for my guild so I'll try to describe for you all the healing classes in terms of play style, pressure that it's doing to your hands and willingness of Raid Leaders to see certain classes in raid.


I will simplify it right now, talking about play style in general without the mastering part - we can always talk about specifics later when you'll narrow your choice.


First of all, Disc Priest and Resto Druid while being high competitive in raid, would demand from you continuous shield/HoT clicking. It means that if you are going to raid, with these classes (and a bit less with a Holy Priest) you will have 2-3 hours of every 1.5 sec clicking to maintain your main HoTs. In addition, Disc's and Druid's big CDs like Power Infusion and Tree of Life would demand from you even more and faster casting.

So if you are not really fast in reactions and have your hands in a very good shape, I wouldn't go for these classes.

Once more, it's nothing to do with their play style, complexity or fun from healing, it's just pretty hard physically.


MW Monk is fun, it's very mobile and doesn't need extensive clicking but RLs don't like MW monks in the raid for two reasons: the main one is that you have to master this class pretty much to be competitive - it wouldn't do your HPS numbers just from HoT clicking - you have to work hard to maintain and build your healing strategy (I am simplifying here but the main idea is that while there are classes that have their easily granted place in logs, a monk is not one of them). The other reason is the instant nature of the MW monk raid CD (Revival). it is a bit awkward CD and while being very strong in some fights or for an unexpected bursts of damage, Revival has its weakness in 'normal' fights: in WoD boss damaging abilities are extended and should be countered by extended raid healing CDs, not the instant ones.

I would never say that MW Monk is not a competitive healing class but your RL should be really good in understanding of healing mechanics to create the right assignments for this class.


Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman: I would chose one of these classes for you.

Both of them don't demand extensive clicking but are interesting in game play and strategy.


Frankly, I would pick a Paladin for you even that I prefer to play a shaman smile.png

Holy Paladin is an extremely strong direct healer and a life saver. Having about 40-45% of their healing coming 'passively' from Beacons and Illuminated Healing, it will be easier for you to play without stressful buttons clicking.

If you like to think strategically and is able to plan your actions in fight in advance, you will be able to incredibly help to your raid maintaining damage mitigation utilities: Devo Aura, Hand of Sacrifice, Hand of Purity, Hand of Protection, Lay of Hands, and so on.

In addition Holy Paladin is very good in staying alive during the encounters.

And btw, it wouldn't be accurately to say that Holy Pala is a tank healer. It's a bit of confusion between cause and consequences. A Paladin has two Beacons transfering healing to people they are applied to. Obviously that the tanks are these persons that are taking the most of damage during the fight so Beacons are normally applied and transfer the raid healing to tanks. In addition, the Beacon mechanic makes healing its target even more rewarding. So yes, while speaking technically, Holy Paladin is a tanks healer, theoretically they are just extremely strong single target healers - the Beacons could be applied and swapped to any target in the raid, including people on soaking duty, etc.


Resto Shaman: a real fun to play.

While the class is lacking personal damage mitigation abilities, its capability to keep people alive through extremely high raid damage is amazing.

In addition, shamans have a wide amount of Utility totems: stunning, spell reflection, canceling fearing or movement-impairing effects, dps Elementals, etc.

I would say that Resto Shaman is the less 'clicking' class (doesn't have any instant casting spells) but you have to know the raid encounters up to a T, planning exactly when and where you should push your CDs.


Hope it helps and I'm glad to answer any further question about specific classes smile.png

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Despite what Pandacho said, I still think playing a Discipline Priest could work out well for you. Yes, there is some amount of clicking to be done, but it's a very versatile spec, and it's also pretty forgiving if you make mistakes.

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