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our tier 100

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is pulverize the really only choice to use or is GOE with it increasing our chance to dodge by 100% and reducing its rage / recharge time based on our dodge chance combined with SD also reducing our physical dmg as will it be worth taking if you dont want to game for pulverize usage and my same question goes for bristling fur 

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I've personally haven't "understood" when to use GOE...

Pulverize - it's simply the plainest talent, keep 100% uptime and have -15% dmg reduction all times.

BF - for soaking stuff. Like oregorger's acid breath, or Iron Reavers Artilery (or however that stuff is called). It's like a big CD with short but strong effect and - short CD.

GoE - I haven't tried it yet. I'm not tanking a lot, so I dont really have time to improvise or test stuff.. As far as I get from description where GoE would be nice - I simply take BF, cause it's better. However I strongly feel that I'm wrong about this..


Oh and how about t18 and GoE? It's like GoE is reducing t18 bonus...

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