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Resto gear question

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670 4 piece t17 or 695 gear with mastery and another random stat?


i don't usually run heroics so i don't have any 685 stuff.. how big of an item lvl difference would it be to start considering dropping the t17 pieces?

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It's a bit complicated question :)

The power of T17 was cut from the start of T18 so theoretically I would switch to 695 pieces and keep 2-p T17 while trying to get 2-p T18.

I did it already but swapped Heroic T17 to Heroic T18.


The main problem that I see here is that you wrote that you don't do HCs. The damage in Normals is pretty trivial so I'm not sure that in giving circumstances dumping even cut 4-p T17 for mastery + something (versatility?^^) will really help your healing.

You don't have a full benefit from Mastery in Normal unfortunately because of low raid damage.


In theory if we are talking about non-set pieces, you should switch to higher ilvl from +10 ilvls if the secondaries are not BiS but 'normal', you definitely should switch when the difference is 25 ilvls no matter what secondaries you have on the higher level piece.

Talking about set pieces, the fastest way is to try it in raid and check the logs. The harder way is to emulate different gear in HealersCalc and check the difference.

Or you can link here you gear and I'll take a look at it :)

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