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Getting on the "Help me, I'm holy!" train

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Hey all! I've always played a holy priest. It was my first horde toon from back in vanilla, and she's been my main ever since. A few months back I added a disc spec and tried it out a bit, but haven't used it much. Not sure why - I think holy just feels more comfortable to me.


I'd like some advice on how to improve my holy healing. I'm consistently at the bottom of my team's charts and I'm looking for ways to improve my contributions. Even if I stay at the bottom, if I can get better at how I'm healing, we all will benefit.


I didn't raid for much of June as I was traveling for work, so I haven't seen HFC more than a couple of times yet. I've also included some BRF logs.



BRF, 17 May

BRF, 8 June

HFC, 12 July

HFC. 13 July

HFC, 19 July

HFC, 20 July


Thank you so much in advance. If you've got any questions or need more info, just let me know!

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Holy Word: Sanctuary is a complete garbage imo, I use Jhazrun as reference and I have never seen that spell in his logs.

With Holy Word: Serenity is a good spell, cheap, instant, it refreshes renew and you can follow it with 1 or 2 flash of light to get big heals on a tank or a player being affected by a single target damage mechanic.

Optionaly you can use the binding heal mayor glyph (instead of the light well one), with each cast you will refresh renew on you and 2 additional players.

I use surge of light instead of mindbender, used with holy word: serenity it can give you a big burst of healing.

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First - you need to get your enchants in order, you have the lesser enchant on your neck for mutlistrike and your legendary ring has no enchant at all.


Second - you pick PI as a talent but over a 10 minute attempt on socrethar you have 2 uses of it. Ideally you should of had 5. I suggest for your case to just pickup twist of fate to remove having to worry about PI in your bracket (its better on average anyway).


Third - Your activity rate in the logs could use a lot of improvement, activity rate denotes the amount of time you were casting/under gcd in relation to the length of the fight. On some nights you are sitting pretty low ~85% which means 15% of the fight you were not casting anything or under any sort of GCD limit. ABC - Always Be Casting is the name of the game and when spells are on cooldown immediately fill with renew (little known fact is that hots can stack up to 30% of their initial duration so don't feel bad to refresh renew if it still has a tick or two left). Get into the rhythm of casting all the time.


Four - Get yourself T17 2pc especially since you are doing normal content atm where it will make a big impact. The 2pc bonus paired with words of mending is a good bump.


The rest - Don't use sanc, ever. I cast it as a joke time to time but its just a raid marker that wastes mana currently. It caps out at 6 targets and in my 713 ilvl gear all 6 ticks total tally up to 1/2 of a glyphed renew tick. Its 100% always worth more to cast another renew than sanc. You need more gear in general too but all this should be a good start,

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