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Windwalker t18 4 set and its implications

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Hey guys, I'm a Mistweaver monk that swing dps's and I just got my 4 set. I am not sure how this changes things exactly when it comes to single target. I feel like serenity might get wasted with all the extra CB proc's and the extra energy. I realize there aren't many true single target fights but I'm wondering if this 4 set might make chi explosion a little better or if serenity is the way to go.


Thanks, nomeansmabye


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First off, if you're taking Serenity as a talent, you should expect to, without fail, cap your energy AT least once every 1.5 minutes since all you should be doing is relentlessly spamming RsK and BoK. It's just the nature of the ability. Deal with it. 


Second, unless you have the class trinket for monks Serenity should only be wasted by potentially 2 gcd's at most, and even that's decently uncommon. This is because of the 2 piece, which allows your RsK to proc CB. If you have the class trinket then you have an increased chance to proc it, but that's still not very many Gcd's. I haven't personally done the math on the proc chances, but you're almost guaranteed to get near full use out of Serenity when you pop it. 


Long story short, don't worry about energy capping and Serenity is still the go-to talent for single target. Hope this helped!

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