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Affliction Issues

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I have been noticing my affliction numbers drop in the last few weeks. I was wondering if this is because I have been focusing on gearing purely for Destruction. I have been prioritizing Mastery/Crit on everything I can. This has done wonders for my destruction numbers but, it feels like my affliction numbers have dropped and or shouldn't be where they should be.


I am currently using the class trinket with desecrated shadowmoon ingsignia. On multiple target and high movement fights it feels a lot harder to maintain all of my dots 100% of the time and I am unable to use drain soul much at all between target swapping. I've read somewhere that it is better to use the DSI and Fel reaver piston for affliction due to the issues the class trinket presents with the 4pc. Is this true?


Would it also be good to pick up Mastery/Haste gear for affliction? I can and will craft 3 additional pieces to help that out but I want to know if I will be wasting my time with that or not.


This is my current setup




and logs for affliction can be found here





The main concern I had was pertaining to this encounter : Tyrant Velhari




From this log the other two warlocks are 9k and 16k damage ahead of myself. It looks like my UA and corruption uptimes were sort of bad compared to the other two warlocks. Are there any other issues that I can work on here?


Thank you for your time.


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There's really only 2 ways you can screw up Affliction.  Not maintaining Haunt properly and not keeping DoTs up properly.


Haunt is a little reliant on RNG - so compare your SB:Haunt uptime vs theirs.  RNG plays a big part in someone achieving 70% uptime vs someone at 95% uptime.  This will hurt your DPS a little, but it's not as significant as the other problem.


If you notice that your UA and Corruption uptimes were "sort of" bad compared to the other two, the fact is they were bad, PERIOD.  The only thing you ever compare your DoT uptimes to are 99.7%.  If your DoT uptimes are less than that, you did something wrong.  You have a 30% window to reapply DoTs before they expire, with your shortest window being Unstable Affliction's 4.2 seconds, which is nearly 3 globals.  Affliction's very core DEMANDS DoT's are up all the time.  If you don't have DoT trackers that scream bloody Mary when you don't have DoTs up, you need something better.  


Just how bad is not having UA up all the time?  It's your 2nd highest damage contributor.  Any percentage of time that UA isn't up is a direct impact loss of DPS.  


Just how bad is not having Corruption up all the time?  It's your 3rd highest damage contributor.  Worse, it's what impacts your Haunt uptime.  Without Corruption up, you get less Soul Shards which has a big impact on your DPS.


DoTs up ALL THE TIME ALWAYS.  If it's alive, DoTs.  Period.  All of them.  

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.


I was using the class trinket during the Tyrant encounter which reduces the period of the dots. So instead of a 30 second window I am working with 11seconds on UA and 14seconds on Corruption.


So, is it better to run with Iron Reaver Piston and DSI over the class trinket on a multi target fight? Outside of Tyrant I have little issues with dot uptimes. Would you be able to recommend a better tracking addon?


I currently just use my boss frames built into Elvui and Tellmewhen to track the time.

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Class trinket works against playstyle for Affliction.  Not even sure you can wear the class trinket and keep DoTs up on 3 target.  IRP + DSI should take care of you.

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