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Need Some Help About Rotation And Talents

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greetings ya'll, I'm a ret paladin player since pandaria but i stopped playing after SoO, few weeks ago I have returned to the game but having some issues

currently i have 691ilvl and I'm doing around 30k dps on single target after the burst

my rotation is kinda like this


1.avenging wrath

2.hammer of the wrath(to get the archmages buff)

3.execution sentence(with archmages buff)

4.build 5 holy power(with hammer of the wrath and crusader strike)

5.final verdict

(empowered divine storm from both new passive and final verdict)

6.hammer of the wrath

7.final verdict

8.build 3 holy power(crusader strike, judgement, etc.)

9.final verdict


its something like this and I'm not happy with my dps i don't know if its good or bad haven't seen a ret pally around my ilvl to compare i know that my mastery is too low it was worse than this and yesterday i got the 2 set bonus from hfc and started to think about what should my rotation would be and should i change final verdict with seraphim ? i would really like to get some help you guys and here is my profile



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Hopefully I can get the ball rolling for you a bit here and others will chime in.  I can only give you some basic help as you don;t have any combat logs posted (preferably from warcraft logs) for us to go through...those will tell us much more than just a list of what your rotation is kinda like. 


Also, I would pop on over to summonstone.com.  They have a retribution paladin page that has a TON of useful information there.  It is kept up to date by Solsacra from vodka, one of the leaders in paladin theorycrafting.


So from the information given your rotation doesn't really follow what has been vetted out as the preferred priority list for our class.  See https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/retribution-paladin-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities if you intend to stick with FV.  You should note that all of our Level 100 talents are raid viable, but FV requires the least amount of attention in my opinion.  There are also some addons you can use to help you learn this priority list clcret(basic priority helper) and hekili(more advanced options). 


As far as gear goes you already touched on it.  Your mastery is low.  Our mastery is our bread and butter and is the top damaging spell in every fight.  With full raid buffs I sit at 74% mastery and i still feel that is too low.  After that our secondary stats are going to bounce around a bit depending on the Level 100 talent.  I won't go into details to keep this short but Solcsacra gives good explanations at his blog.  Personally with my gear and using SW_ES_Sera, I am using WeapDPS>>Str>Haste(15%)>Multistrike>=Crit>Versatility and it serves me well on most fights.  Also don;t forget to enchant every piece of gear with the best you can get  it makes a difference.



3.execution sentence(with archmages buff)

Just a quick reminder (please someone correct me if i'm wrong) is that snapshotting is gone in WoD.  So if you are off on your timing here it is possible that the last and biggest tick of ES won;t be buffed by the ring proc.  There's a reason that casting this spell on CD is the first top of our priority list.


That's about all I can tell you without digging into some logs.  As far as I;ve read paladins are middle of the road utility DPS. We however are the kings (or queens) of burst thanks to our 2 and 4pc bonuses and eventually the legendary ring ability. 


I hope this helps.  I am by no means an expert just wanted to share what knowledge I have gathered for across the web this xpac.  If you have any other questions feel free to let me know.







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I agree with Zaira:


Using Seraphim on single target bosses can boost your burst damage on top (Zakuun, Kilrogg, ...) but you must always have an eye on Seraphim CD! (i'm using WA with sound alert on 7sec CD left).


Your mastery is not as good as it should be. Neither is the split on crit and multi strike. I think you should push one of them but not both.


Using HoW from a distance on pull isn't the best idea ... especially when using ability_fomor_boss_shout.jpgDiscordant Chorus wink.png



your lobby boy...

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Alright, I've been playing around with ret since I just went back to MS ret. Heres a few things. Which you probably already know but if not maybe someone will learn something.


You make sure your at 15% haste for cap.

Haste cap>Mastery> Multi |or crit (I Pref Multi. Do not stack both I can explain if you would like)>Haste>vers( Versatility is like multi that doesnt scale well) 



Pre pot before pull if you can


Yes, if your running the fel trinket you dont wanna judge until your within range as your pretty much guaranteed a proc on first attack. Even with Long arm of the law, wait until your about 5 yards away.


Judge: (Long arm of the law gives boost if available ) 


exorcism: For high cleave fights use glyph of mass cleave as well with double judgement

(this will give you 2 HP , wich is perfect for a dps boost)



ES: on your open CD use your 1 min cd (i will explain why)

Avenging Wrath+ trinket: new rotation:

TV3>Hammer>E DS> Crusader(mastery boost)> judge>= exo(judge and exo are about the same dmg but judge will guarantee quicker cd)

If your running Sanctified wrath your new filler is Hammer of Wrath so no need to pool 


every 1 min repeat the burst rotation


When wings is down you should pool your HP to avoid downtime, but while wings is up you have the 2nd highest dmg dealer available every other cd so.. why not? 


This is if your running If your running with Sanctified Wrath|ES|TV.The 18 2 set is strong cuz you can pop AR with every 1 min and they will always line up. With the way the charges work you will have full line up until about the 7 or 8th one. If for some reason the fight last more then this you can skip the one right before this and the rest will line up again.


Now some might say well wait you should pool your HP to pop wings? Well think about it at the opening of the fight or even during. If your using Sanctified Wrath for the 30 sec wing effect you dont need to pull. In the mean time you waste time ramping up and maybe even lose quick buffs such as Ring, Weapon, Trinket etc AND not using your pot to its full since we have 30 seconds of wings... Its not worth it to pull. It like a rogue you dont pop all your cool downs when your at full energy you pop them to keep up your dmg output.


That's more idea for single target, I've tested all sorts of combinations and this style for me was the highest dmg output.  If anyone has some suggestions or advice feel free to help people out and post.






My toon:


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