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Please help me improve my play

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I'm winning around 25% in the last week, so there are probably some serious flaws in my game. I've made a video (flamewaker mage vs midrange hunter). Any comment ins appreciated.


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Looks like you got quite shafted by those Savanna Highmanes. One dropped a turn for three turns will always be challenging.


I think Midrange Hunter is really strong at the moment - currently my strongest deck at about 60% win-rate on ladder.


You made some strong plays but a few points I might have done different are:


     When proc-ing the flamewaker/bomber I would have popped the spiders to try to kill them off with the blasts/bombs

     turn 2 I would have used a portal instead of dropping the mana wyrm - still a good play though, unfortunate he had the sergeant

    always be on look out for unleash - I wouldnt have dropped mirror images when you did because of this.



Have you got polymorph in your deck?  at least one of could have saved you from the highmanes.


Bear in mind that both your mage deck and the opponents hunter are mainly tempo decks, and in this case the hunter out tempoed you

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Honestly, i didn`t see any mistakes. Maybe some questionable gamble plays, but no MISTAKES. When it comes to that game it came down to the fact that Hunter had a sick minion flow early into UNLEASH and the perfect transition into those Highmanes. And when it comes to your deck, it didn`t draw the wyrm for t1, no actual 2-drop either(scientist), no Arcane missiles(a must spell atleast 1 of simply because of hunters and Eboladins) to combo with Waker and your Portal didn`t help either.


One thing to keep in mind is that Tempo Mage is a very inconsistent deck list - it can be extremely explosive/powerful one game and draw blanks the next game...... it`s a card game. Sometimes you`re unlucky. :(

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