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Hi all, 

         after a 6 month lay off from playing my lock i just want to know about the state of play with Demo spec, im currently afflic/destro but thinking of giving Demo a whirl again but wondering what spec to drop.

I've always liked demo and with the new buffs to the other 2 specs demo is a unloved spec i think sad.png

also 1 more question, what spec now goes better with demo, afflic (haste) or destro (mastery).


thanks in advance 

                  Nalar smile.png

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You've probably missed 6.2 patch notes http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/19806402/fury-of-hellfire-62-patch-notes-23-06-2015#warlock. TL;DR it works. Kinda, not really. Not without legendary ring anyway.


On single target focused encounters it is behind both other specs. On fights where you can aoe it's competitive and you can see warlocks play it on some mythic encounters. The group has to cater heavily towards demo aoe -- grip every add pack so that your cata/cw hits all targets -- which isn't happening in nm/hc runs. 


Caster legendary ring http://www.wowhead.com/item=124635/nithramus-the-all-seer&bonus=0Basically means that you want to do as much damage as possible during those 15 seconds. Demonology still retains some of the highest burst aoe damage in the game with T17 set and some luck. Some locks argue that you're gaining a bunch of priority target damage if you can blow up adds during ring proc https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nPGxT3Bp7wHYraqh#fight=19&type=damage-done&source=94


If you're only running normals and heroics, stick with destro/aff and save yourself some frustration. As for stat prio, you want mastery on everything including gems and enchants. Destruction handles haste better than affliction handles crit so prio items with mastery/haste over mastery/crit.

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