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hpally healing, learning to heal

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So I've been playing mostly retribution for most of 6.x when I was given a chance to raid with a guild.


I have never healed before until 6.2 and believe I have trouble healing (and/or at least underperforming most likely).




Going OOM (SW/MW specifically), (if I go DP I'm not too worried)

Low throughput compared to my druid healers (one lower ilevel and one equal to my ilevel)

Rotation.. am I even doing this right? or am I just lucky becuase of my gear

Overhealing (nearly 50%+ on average every fight)... is this even normal?


I just want to utilise my build as best as I can and feel like I'm not performing well./


Char : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Halcaeus/simple




Mannaroth normal kill/wipes.






I do not know if I am underperforming or not to be fair but I do feel like I am.

The other healers (similar ilevels to me) seem to have no issue healing (But their mana does drain faster).


I've tried SW/MW and DP/T17-4p and I'm confused on what I'm doing wrong.



a) Beacon both tanks

b) Pop AW on heavy damage periods (if using DP/T17)

If I'm using SW/MW, I'm more reluctant/afraid to use AW on cooldown because I'm worried I'll OOM.

c) Use HS on CD, EHS -> HL / FoL for single target

I fear going OOM when using HR so I don't use it often but I do attempt to use it when I can (I know to use only if it doesn't overheal)


Thank you all in advance for the help

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