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enh; maxing DPS and PVP

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First priority is PVP. Everyone has been telling me that the first thing I need to do to improve in pv is switch my class. Obviously that is not an option as I like my class. But the other day while looking through the forums on battle.net I saw someone complaining about how impossible Enh were to kill in 1v1 pvp. After reading the responses it seems that enh isn't so bad and that I should be able to compete with most classes. 

       My main problem is that I  havnt been able to find any guides/videos on how to use the cc we have and totems most effectively. Also, supposedly we have very good healing, but I cant seem to utilize it while in pvp. even with totamic projection you have to move constantly and cant stay next to your totems. Also can someone explain the utility and how to use call of the elements properly?

      AS far as our rotation. I do fairly well in the LFG raids, even in hellfire I am always top 10, but my DPS is horrible. (usually between 10-15) When I look at other enh that beat me on the meters, their roto's are always completely different. sometimes stormstrike is number one, sometimes lava lash, sometimes auto attack is top 3. occasionally an enh in the raid will be 1 on DPS by over 10% This doesn't make sense to me because on all websites the enh rotation is basically the same, so how are the numbers and abilities all over the map?

    Im looking for some advanced enh advice that can help me, not just know the rotation, but understand the utility and how to make it all flow as fast as possible. I don't want to give up my class, I want to shut all these people up who say enh is no good.

   Hopefully you understand what im saying and can pass along your knowledge that you learned the hard way so I can improve. Thanks DZA

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What I've noticed is that Enhance plays differently depending on talent choices - perhaps more than any other spec I've played in WoD. In PvE you have a wealth of choices, but most of them simply don't work that well in PvP, forcing you to build a specific way. For example, the talents that allow Enhancement to line up periods of high burst damage in PvE, especially from your big totems, are less effective in PvP for a variety of reasons. Your flashy, burly totems can't take a hit, and you're likely to get Cycloned as soon as anyone sees you hit Ascendance and Elemental Mastery at the same time.

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