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I use Ask Mr Robot to show what upgrades are out there and partially for the Best in Bag feature, although sometimes I ignore its advice and go with my gut.


I was wondering if there is a good stat weighting to replace the default ones with? I am getting to the point where a lot of my upgrades will be minor and I want to make it as easy as possible.


AMR Default Stat Weights:


  • Main Hand DPS:  0.95
  • Off Hand DPS:     0.46
  • Strength:              1
  • Attack Power:       0.71
  • Mastery:               0.7
  • Multistrike:            0.68
  • Haste:                   0.65
  • Versatility:             0.64
  • Crit Strike:             0.5


I have seen Skullflowers weights he made, but those were based off 6.2 launch sims and havent been updated following the changes

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haste and multistrike are a bit even so you could match them and see what you get.


Haste will increase your single target where as Multi will increase your AOE

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