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Need some Brutal / constructive feedback

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So it feels like i have lost the plot somewhere while playing my Ret pally.

my DPS is feeling a little low for some reason.
and honestly I am not sure if it is my latency that might be why it is low 
( living in South africa i have sub 200ms to EU servers) or it is that i am missing something in my rotation ( trying to keep as close as possible to the icy veins guide)

Here is my armory

Here are one or two links for a few fights




So yea any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Just a few quick things that jumped out at me. Avenging Wrath usage - with your 2pc on an average 6 minute fight you should be able to get 5 casts off. I'm seeing anywhere from 1 to 4. Potion usage I'm only seeing 1 per fight. And a haste gem in your trinket? Really? Also to note I do see Divine Shield casts...don't forget your damage is reduced by 50% while shielded. I'm sure there's a bit more but being on my phone that's about the best for now. I'll look again and compare to some of my and other paladin logs when I get home tonight.



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