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Is there a cap on the amount of crit that should be obtained in place of multi or other stats?

i have been getting alot of decimator gear and its all crit, and i have atached a few bits now at 695 ilvl, currently i have 4 685 T17 pieces and the hands at 670. My character can be 698 with the 4 685 pieces and 700 if i drop the chest and shoulders and repalce with decimator equivalents.


i guess im trying to work out whether the extra crit and agility is better then the 4 piece bonus and if so,  should i be focusing crit multi a little more evenly rather then bumping up crit so high, i can have 48% crit rate raid buffed currently


is there a set amount of any stats i want to aim for as at this ilvl there is a lot of pieces i can adjust to balance things out, currently i have the following equipped ( but have a crit / multi or crit or multi chest and hands i can switch around if i upgrade them to 695)



armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ghostlands/Tango/simple


many thanks in advance

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There is a crit cap for marksman, however it's at 53% crit, a number you won't reach in M WF Socketed gear without a Fel-Spring Coil.

As for gear, you don't want to break the t17 4pc until you get the t18 4pc.

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Thanks for the advice,

can i just confirm that the t17 4 piece (685) is still better then 2pieces of t17 (685) and t18?

just seems like the two 2 piece sets would synergise quite nicely with a decent amount of crit gear on

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