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Resto: How am I doing?

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Hey, long time reader and lurker posting on the Shaman forums for the first time. I'm a former Warrior who made the jump to fulltime Shaman healing this expansion and I've loved it, but I'm having a hard time gauging how I'm doing overall, since healing's a lot more subjective and composition based than DPS. I picked up my legendary ring on Thursday, and figured now would be a good time to have someone look over my logs and make sure I'm not doing it completely wrong.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/Aeleus/advanced

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/jBhHwfcnxr1tXC69#  (Heroic 1-6)

         https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/GjywFcnDA3a2RdpV (Normal 5-12)


Our typical healer composition is Druid/Shaman/Disc/Holy Priest. Our Druid is first up with Tranquility; when she uses that, I'm cleared to use Tide. I'm more or less free to use Ascendance and Spirit Link as I see fit, though I do try to coordinate a Link/Barrier rotation with our Disc.


I'm still using the Heroic BRF 4p. I have one piece of Normal HFC tier with a couple off pieces as well that I'm not using yet because I'm leery of breaking the 4p. I haven't had much luck with drops thus far in the tier, so I'm using a Darmac and Kazzak trinket which are fairly mediocre at this point. I'm personally gunning for the Socrethar trinket and either the leech or class trinket, whichever comes first.


We're currently 12/13 N and 6/13 H, and progressing along rather nicely in all honesty, but I want to be sure that my healing isn't something that's going to hold us back down the road, I guess. So if you don't mind glancing over these logs and giving me some pointers on how I could do things better, I'd really appreciate it.



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Enchant your cloak and use healing tonics instead of healthstones.


Other than that, I don't see anything glaringly problematic in your logs.  HST uptime could improve a bit. 


Your Spirit is rather low, which requires you to cast Elemental Blast and Healing Wave a lot. 


If you find you are using Elemental Blast when there is damage to heal, you would likely do better to trade some secondary stats for Spirit and use EB less.


Healing Wave is an efficient spell, but even with Tidal Waves its throughput is not very good compared to Chain Heal hitting 3 or 4 targets, especially with the 4pc.  On heroic boss kills, Healing Wave was 11% of your casts, but only 6.6% of your effective healing.  Healing Surge (which you only cast once in the heroic kills) is 50+% higher throughput (again, with Tidal Waves), for (only) twice the mana.  It's not always the right choice, but neither is Healing Wave (which you cast 133 times).

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