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charred remain's

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hi all ,


just asking is there a 'trick' to use the charred remains talent , I seem to not be able to use this properly and fail miserably in HFC fights?

thanks in advance ,



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Thanks for the quick reply liquid, on aoe fights like hellfire assault, I'm doing terrible dps and cannot seem to get to grips with Charred remains properly, obviously without logs you can only do so much, I don't think I'm capping , but I only use C'B when I hit 4 embers, should I do it a little earlier?.



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Waiting for 4 embers puts you in to capping.  For FnB Chaos Bolt you only need to have 3 embers (2 for the CB and 1 remaining to rebuild with conflag/incinerate).


I have issues with the same type of fight (Assault, Xhul and Manoroth), different reason though.  For me, I lose a lot changing targets so rapidly.  Time for a target macro on those I think. :)


But definitely don't hit 4 embers.

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4 embers is the limit so you are capping and wasting resources. Try 3 instead to CB on. Or even less gear permitting.


Just to be clear Assault is only an AoE fight if it is safely on farm. Priority target damage matters more usually,


Aye, without logs it is hard to say what your personal issues are but the main ones I see time and time again are:


Weak opener

Low DoT uptime.

Low CB usage (usually due to capping or just from not building properly)

Low amounts of CB in during buffs

Lack of embers generated for nuke phases

Low F&B CB usage

Not aligning procs, potion and CDs etc

Not using DS enough or at the best times in the fight

Low SB sniping (mouseover macro with obvious nameplates is a must to really win)

Low Havoc usage and then not using all your charges each time.

Not using your tools to cope with movement


Some are just general Destro issues, some are more CR related. Good luck. 

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ok , so I am capping then , that makes sense, I recently got GSR hc version,


the macro im using at the moment is


/cast fire and brimstone

/cast immolate


and that helps me a lot with initiating with the AoE ,


looks like im going to go back to the drawing board with destro.

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Just make sure if you're AoEing (and AoEing is the right action to make) that you don't drop under 1 ember. It destroys your damage.


If you open with FnB Immolate at 3 embers, be sure to Incinerate before you Chaos Bolt or you'll end up at 0 embers and do zero damage for 10 seconds. 

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You can always record your own logs Nalar and yes sorry I cannot read those.


Do you have a keybind for F&B without the Immolate? For my group say on Kormrok hands die way too quick so when Destro I kick off with a F&B CB and then it's pretty much SB spam from there (with a pre-casted Havoc). I guess I'm saying it's helpful if you have a choice in what you can cast.

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@Drkdragon  warcraftlogs has a comparison tool too, much more in depth results available.

Oh I agree and I always use Warcraft logs. I just think the visual aid that AMR gives you in its comparison tool is neat.

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I will give you some tips that work for me.


Make sure you have all of your abilities keybound. Also keybind your abilities in a way that buttons you press fairly often are easy to reach while ablities with 2min+ CD's are a little further away. You don't need to prioritize high traffic keys for abilities you will only be using on a timer.

Here is a video about this as well


Also make use of shift modifiers and even spacebar. I have my DS/Racial/Whatever trinkets that stack on a 2min CD bound to spacebar. To jump i use Shift : Spacebar. Little things like this go a long way.


Get something to monitor when your proc's occur ie trinkets, enchants, potions, when havoc comes on and off of CD, when FnB is active etc.. 

I personally use Tellmewhen for this and have some procs trigger a sound file whenever they occur depending on how important they are.

If you wan't I could probably export my TMW profile setup to your character if this will help, or perhaps pastebin it somewhere.


http://pastebin.com/RRtV9spC- try that..


I also use weak aura's but mainly for raid warnings etc.


Monitor your performance over the weeks with combat logging. Learn how to read your logs for destro.. I believe there is a good guide for it here written by Zagam,




Reconfigure your UI to a raid friendly layout that easily allows you to perform the actions you need to quickly (PoV videos can give nice insight for alternate UI layouts that you may like). I use Elvui with various addons, and have the boss frames in the mid/bottom part of my screen so I can quickly use them for havoc cleaving targets and quick swapping. 


Watch other great warlock PoV videos to see what they are doing on Heroic/Mythic Encounters. Take note of where they are standing in relation to the boss and how they are maximizing their time casting spells, tricks they use and so on. This is where I find them.. (Just choose the difficulty and encounter then select Warlock PoV)



Use your Demonic Circle: Teleport all the time. I move it all over room for dodging abilities and cutting down on travel time.


An example I can give you is on Archimonde, if you pre place your teleport to where you need to be after the first allure of flames occurs then all you have to do is simply teleport yourself away and continue casting. This will take care of you having to find a place to spread out and maximize your damage.

You can also pre place your teleport on the edge of the room on Council for whenever you get reap. You can use the Demonic Gateway in similar ways as well.


Get mouseover macros for Shadowburn, Havoc. Here is what I use


#showtooltip Havoc
/cast [@mouseover,harm] Havoc; [harm] Havoc


/cleartarget [@mouseover,harm,nodead]
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Shadowburn
/targetlasttarget [@mouseover,harm,nodead]


Also make macros for anything else you think you need like DS/Trinkets/racials, and stack them if they share the same CD times.


Go HAM every pull. Use the best food, double pot, rune (this is even easier with the exalted rep one). Maximize your CB damage whenever you can line them up with procs. Never Cap at 4 embers. I often hover around 2.8-3.5 and use them accordingly.


Make sure you are doing your opener correctly : When the DBM Timer counts down from 10 seconds.

Pot at 4 seconds, cast Incinerate, and then do immolate followed by the rest of it.. This is really timing sensitive but, if you are able to get an incinerate in right as the boss is engaged it will cause your trinkets to double proc and give you a very large damage boost initially.


FnB is tricky, just never drop below 1 ember and use it when there are 5+ targets up. Get to 3 embers or so then CB, then cast incinerate, then CB, then Conflag, then CB.. like that.

Practice it in LFR or even pug any heavy AoE encounter to get used to it. Also be sure to apply Havoc to your priority target and shadowburn adds below 19-8% health depending on how strong they are. This gives you a lot of embers and allows you to cast more CB's.


Use Havoc all the time and monitor when it is available with a weak aura or TMW like i was saying earlier. You can also Pre havoc.. by casting it on a boss or large target 10-12 seconds before you know an add is about to spawn then Use CB and Havoc right away a second time since it will have come back off of CD.


Practice in pug raids etc, for fun and to get better.


You can also make the crafted boe pieces to level 6 and reroll their stats to get the best Min/Max piece you want pre-mythic. I did this with the Boots, Ring, and Cloak.


Try to compete in damage against someone in your raid that is the same class as you. A little friendly competition goes a long way. If you're the only warlock then perhaps try to beat one of your friends. Also communicate with them about what works on fights. If you have a generally okay grasp on destruction then you can try asking them what they did differently and see if that will work for you. I do this a lot with my other warlocks. We talk about what talents or trinkets are working more, when we should be saving our CD's for specific burn phases etc. Communication is huge.


Also make use of your personal CD's when you can to help you stay alive longer, help your healers out etc. Try to get a really good idea of what each talent you can swap in your tree will do for you in an encounter should you need to change it.


For example, I use burning rush a lot but sometimes healers may be slow to dispel some ablities like a stun or slow so I can swap into Unbound Will to help with that.


Sacrificial pact is extremely useful and so is Dark Bargain for specific encounters.

Just play around with your talents and learn how to use them. Try PvP perhaps.


As far as gearing is concerned I am trying to stack Mastery>Crit for Destro. The class trinket is really effective for a large part of the instance but also terrible for a few fights like Assault and Archimonde. I use DSI and GSR when I can't use my class trinket. I don't have the Iron Reaver Piston yet unfortunately..One of the things you can do too is to spend the apexis crystals on whatever piece you want until you get a Peerless or whichever stats you're trying to stack then upgrade it to the 695 version until you can get something better. I did this with my necklace and wrists.

Here is my armory for reference.




Also with combat logs you can go to rankings and see how good other warlocks are doing at the same ilvl and kill time as you. You can also watch replays of encounters inside of the combat logs and see what specific players were doing.


Here is a good article to read about raid awareness.



I hope some of this helps.

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Wow thank you so much , it's been really helpful

The last post , I used to be a clicker but only recently changed to keybind's, I mainly use weak auras as my main add-on and of course I use elvui, will take on board everything you have mentioned, going to do more that 1 LFR a week I don't know if it's appropriate any more but I still use But will take on everything you posted here thank you again?.

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