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Howdy all,


Bottom line, is there any kind of "soft cap" for crit? Or, do I stack crit as much as possible and ignore the other stats. I have some advice that there is little point to going beyond 2100 crit (pre raid buffed). That the goal was to reach 100% crit on HS when wings are up. After that, focuse on haste.


Any thoughts?

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Hello friend,

You want to achieve ~2100 crit, then focus haste.


There are three ways you can look at crit cap.

Either, with just Avenging Wrath, with AW+Sanctified Wrath, or without AW/SW

With AW+SW HS will always crit.

With just AW you need 25% crit raid buffed(20% unbuffed)


Without AW you need 50% raid buffed.


My advice to you, get just around 25% crit (~21% is okay as you will get 5% in raid)

then stack haste like you've never stacked haste before.


If you need more information, Andraste has made a wonderful Holy Pally guide on the wow forums.


Good luck,

& May the Light be with you.

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