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So, 5-mans....

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Alright, here's the deal, a few of my friends and I have decided to start all over, COMPLETELY. New server, 0 heirlooms, 0 gold, 0 transfers, blah blah blah.

The plan, we're trying to figure out the "perfect" 5 man setup. We have tank, and heals set. Both Pally's. Those may not be "optimal" yet, that's what they're most comfortable playing soooo, we'll give it to them. The three DPS is where we're running into an issue. We've a Lock (Affliction), and...when he gets around to not being a douche and creating his character, a Shadow Priest. That last one...(which will end up being me playing it) we can't really settle on. It's gonna want to be AoE heavy, just because this guy learned how to play Pally by watching me run vanilla through Cataclysm while being heirloomed/geared. (Big fricken pulls) Input as to the 3rd DPS? I'd rather not play a mage (done so thrice) buuuuut, if it's far and away the best option...I guess I'll have to. I've a mage and Ele Shaman at ~20 already. I'd reroll another, given the option. it only takes a few hours to get that far in. lol

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