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Brewmaster Impovement

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Hi there, 


First of all I wanted to say, that I use IV as my first source when I want to know something about a class. Therefore thank you for your good work :)) I got some good tips and tricks from reading the forums. 

I rerolled to help my guild for this content to play brewmaster monk. 

At the beginning I had my issues with shuffel, tiger power and elusive brew, but I got it on most of the fights on 90%+. Then I realized I mess it up with using Jap to often compared to  Tiger Palm. I changed this. 


I am raidlead as well (switching from healer perspective to tank perspective is a pain in the ass). This might be one of the reasons why I feel I underpreform. 


The only reason I equipped inv_inscription_trinket_tank.jpgKnight's Badge because I dont really have another good Tank trinket. I DW because of the lack of a good quality staff. :/  


My Toon: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/taerar/Pandabeer/advanced

recent WLogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/QABcTh2f4xz6bHdv#fight=1



Sorry for my bad english, but it's not my native language and thank you guys in advance for helping me out. 


Greetings from Germany

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Grats on the new Trinkets smile.png


At quick glance with buffs, your Zen Sphere up time should be a lot more. On most fights you're using 1 Armor Pot and others you're using none. And it seems on some fights you're using Guard just to use, use it when you've got a good amount of Resolve, what's good for you? unsure, I tend to get 200-300% resolves. Some say they get higher amounts.


For a new BrM you seem to have gotten a lot of right, rather quick. I've still room to get better also, it'll come with experience, so hang in there.


Your English is fine, meine Deutsche ist rostig tongue.png

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Thank you for your reply and thank you for the gz :)


It seems like I am getting better and better or let's say it diffrently. I feel like I am improving from raid to raid. »Practice creates masters so to say.«


That;s one of my biggest problems. When to use Guard properly. I recognized yesterday when we were trying Xhul'horac Heroic, that I can get 700k + Guards. On the other hand during "farm" I only recognize 500 - 600k Guards.


But I am going to work on that! Maybe I just have to play a liitle bit less hectic and thats the key.


Thank you again for your replay Karmageddon! :)


Deutsch ist schwer, solange man es nicht übt. :)  

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