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heroes Get Better At Heroes of the Storm with Srey

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Icy Veins has the privilege of having one of the world's highest-rated Heroes of the Storm players, Srey, as one of our Heroes of the Storm guide writers (alongside Oxygen and KendricSwissh). Recently, Srey made a post on the Heroes subreddit that showcased some tips for improving at Heroes, so we thought - why not bring some of that advice right here to Icy Veins!


Without further ado, here are five tips for becoming a better Heroes of the Storm player, no matter your level or experience!




1. Avoid dying!


As obvious as this may seem, it's something that a lot of players either don't notice, forget, or simply don't understand the impact of - dying hurts you, and your team, more than almost any other thing that could happen. When you die:

  • The enemy team gets extra experience (beyond what both teams are getting from minions/mercenaries/buildings).
  • You are giving up presence and pressure in a lane, or somewhere on the map.
  • You're allowing the enemy team to take mercenary camps either uncontested, or without the ability for your team to take their own.
  • Your team cannot effectively contest map objectives if they are outnumbered.
  • Teams will use their advantage of you being dead to destroy structures and, ultimately, win the game.

You might very well end the game with more damage dealt or experience gained than a teammate, but if you died more than they did, your absence was the liability that probably cost your team the game. Being dead is worse than missing objectives.


2. Communicate.


Heroes of the Storm is fundamentally a team game. Everything in the game works better when you communicate. Deciding who will start in each lane, warning your teammates when your opponents are rotating positioning, letting your teammates know when you need to heal/replenish mana - all of this is information that, if you and your teammates have, allows you to make informed decisions!


A great example of this is coordinating your Heroic (or 'ultimate') abilities. If you know, going in to a fight, who is going to use their abilities in what order to maximize their effectiveness, that's a massive gain over potentially seeing one (or more) of your team's best skills wasted as you all try to land them simultaneously.


Don't get mad, and don't lay blame - communication should be limited to information that your teammates can use to make better decisions while playing the game. Time spent typing is time spent not playing, and that's anywhere from unhelpful to downright dangerous!


3. Give, and take, directions.


If you know something or want to make a judgement call, be vocal about it! Maybe, during the draft process, you have an idea of what Heroes your opponents might be going for - let your team know that, and ask for good counterplay. In-game, if you realize the other team is going for an objective/boss/other, call for assistance to disrupt them!


And when those calls are made, respond to them. Whether you aren't comfortable making calls, or you're a brilliant shot caller and someone else beat you to a decision, stick with what's being called. Knowing how to take directions is more important, because it allows you to support the objectives of your teammates. Fundamentally, four people need to react to one person's decision in a 5-on-5 game; doing so will make you a better player, and allow you to contribute to a team more effectively.




4. Know the roles.


There are four roles in Heroes - Warriors (often referred to as 'tanks'), Assassins, Supports (often referred to as 'healers'), and Specialists. Each role fulfills a particular need for a team, and although not all teams will have one of every role, a large number will.


As much as you should play a character that you know well and understand, many Heroes are designed around the benefits they can get from others, and become commensurately weaker when you don't have the right team composition to support them.


Your team will almost always need a Warrior and a Support. Heroes that are more flexible in their composition needs are better than Heroes who need synergies to succeed. Know every role, and be prepared to play any of them. They're all fun!


5. Play as a team!


Working together is how you win. Stick together with your teammates, even if you aren't 100% on board with their strategy - you all stand a better chance if you work as a group. Being 'right' and losing isn't better than winning or losing together with your team.


Also - play with your friends! Going in to a game with even one or two friends that you can coordinate with using voice communications will allow you to ensure roles are covered, attacks are coordinated, and help push for teamwork.




Got all that? When you're ready to learn the ins and outs of specific Heroes, head over to our Hero Guides, where Srey, Oxygen, and KendricSwissh have compiled high-level knowledge of every Hero for you!


You can find Srey on Twitter (@SreyHots) and on Twitch.


Five tips for becoming a better Heroes of the Storm player from our resident expert.

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