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Holy paladin undersperforming

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There are two things that caught my eye immediately. 

1. You have way too many healers for your raid comp. With your raid average ilvl 702.6, you can easily 4-heal at least first 6 Heroic bosses. With 5 healers you just don't have enough damage to heal - you can see it in logs. In High Council fight all the healers did 50+% overhealing, HFA - 60-70% overhealing, Kilrogg - 60+%, etc.

2. You have 2 Holy Paladins and both are keeping Beacons on the tanks. Both paladins are doing 70-80% Beacons overhealing. This is wrong to do. 


In this case nothing would help you to perform better because healers can heal only the damage that was done. No damage to heal - no performance. Sorry sad.png


PS: your Disc is playing with Clarity of Will talent. It is very wrong to do in your healers comp in first place - they should use Words of Mending. And even having CoW talent they don't utilise it. 2-3 casts during fight is a complete waste of the talent. They could use CoW for shielding people with Artillery on Iron Reaver or Heartseeker on Kilrogg but it wasn't done either.

While your Disc is always 1 place in logs, they don't have a clue how to play the class - it's a 'technical' 1st place due to counting absorb healing before any other.

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