The new Tavern Brawl: Maksed Ball

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The new Tavern Brawl is here:



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Really like this one...


Some general tips for those of you that want to try it over the weekend:

  • The formulation of how it works is a bit vague. But basically, every creature that is played from your hand has a deathrattle that summons a random creature that costs 2 less. You don't have to cast it. This doesn't apply to creatures that get spawned in another way. So the spawned creature doesn't spawn another one, nor do creatures like spawned Grim patrons or drops from your Shredders. 
  • This also means that 0 and 1 mana creature don't spawn anything as there are now creatures that cost -2 and -1
  • Bigger creatures get more value - a 2 mana creature spawns a free 0-drop, but a 6 mana creature spawns a free 4 drop.
  • This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go all-in on big creatures though. The additional spawns from 2,3 and 4 drops means that you just lose too much tempo. I feel that a midrange approach works best.
  • While spells still have their use, the inherent boost that all creatures get means that you should focus on creatures first. Better to use creatures with powerful battlecries over spells!
  • Silences are great, more so if they come from battlecries. Ironbeak Owl and Spellbreaker and Keeper of the Grove are awesome here. For spells, things that remove without actually killing it are preferable: Polymorph, Hex, Recycle, Sap and Naturalize for example.
  • Stealing creatures works wonders as well and can get enormous value. Not only do you steal the creature, but you also deny your opponents the spawn and get the spawn yourself. Great option if you like priest.Mind Control Tech also hits often, because there are a more creatures than usual.
  • Since there are more creatures in play, things that affect all creatures get more value than normal. Things like Bloodlust, Savage roar, Frostwolf Warlord, Direwolf Alpha, Stormwind Champion and Flametongue totem are better than usual.
  • Creatures with a cheapened mana cost still spawn a creature that's 2 less than the original. Sea giant is especially good, since with so much creatures around it's not difficult to get it cheaper and it still gets an 8 drop when it dies. Don't get it to 0 or 1 though! It won't spawn anything
  • I haven't tried all classes, but found Shaman and Druid very good. Both have a great array of silences and effects that boost several creatures. Druid also has it's ramp to get bigger creatures (and thus more value) faster.
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