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wow World of Warcraft: Legion

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The sixth expansion to World of Warcraft is Legion, announced this morning live at gamescom 2015. It features leveling to level 110, a brand new Honor system, the Artifact-level item system, and a brand new class in Demon Hunters.



The Broken Isles, the new continent for WoW: Legion.


Details of the new expansion can be found here:


Official press release:


Legion beta is coming later in 2015!


New Class - Demon Hunter


The new class is the Demon Hunter, a Hero Class which will be able to tank and DPS. Only elves can play as Demon Hunters (Night Elves and Blood Elves).


You can learn more about Demon Hunters here:



Demon Hunter visuals.


We learned this morning that Demon Hunters will get horns and tattoos similar to Illidan.


When the Demon Hunter 'awakens', they start out as Illidari on a quest from Illidan from ten years ago.


Their two specs are Havoc (melee DPS) and Vengeance (tank). They will only have the two specializations.


Artifact Weapons


A unique Artifact is available for every class and specialization. Players will be able to acquire 'Artifact'-level weapons, including examples such as Ashbringer.



Ashbringer and some of the variations thereof, showcasing the Artifact system.


More details on Artifacts coming soon!


Honor System Update


The original Honor system focused on Honorable and Dishonorable Kills, measuring contribution per week and generating 'standings'.


'Version 2' focused on point acquisition for PvP gear, starting in Burning Crusade. In 'Version 3', they want to 'dial back' the focus on gear.


In the new Honor system, you get a 'PvP talent' system, progressing from rank 1 to 50. As you progress through those ranks, you unlock perks/bonuses. PvP talents are designed completely for PvP, which allows PvP to achieve separate balance using abilities/effects that only work in Battlegrounds/Arenas.


Examples of PvP talents given were Passive abilities that give immunity to back-to-back stuns/roots/silences, PvP Bloodlust being on a 45s cooldown but only affecting you and one friendly target, or the reintroduction of Necrotic Strike as a replacement for Scourge Strike in PvP.



Example of the PvP talent system.




Official feature list:

  • New continent: The Broken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • Artifacts: Customizable weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dungeons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Revamped PvP progression system
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Improved social features
  • Character Boost - immediately raise one character to level 100

Cinematic Teaser:



Here is the feature trailer:



World of Warcraft: Legion was announced at gamescom 2015 today!

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Tons of awesome stuff incoming, and I'm really looking forward for it!

Yeah, it all feels like "Burining Crusade 2.0", but hey, BC was good. Really good.

New class(that we've beed waiting since forever), Acherus and fluffy weapon for everybody, new continents and Dalaran coming back - can that sound any better?

Good to see that WoW concept "do stuff you were doing in WC3, but as an RPG" like it used to be in Classic/BC/Lich is coming back, and we are (probably) centering the plot, instead of somebody donning cursed helmets Bolwar-style etc.

Only thing I feel wrong about is new Honor system. Gotta see how it works out.

If Blizz can fix what they did wrong in WoD, we'll get the best expansion ever. 
All aboard the hype train!biggrin.png 

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3 things...


1) AWESOME IDEAS but I'm veeeeeery skeptical some of these will make it in game


2) I feel like this expansion could of held off a couple xpacs more but I could see how they're tying in the lore, and they need this xpac to regain their subs, so long as they do this right


3) Also I think they could've incorporated all of the south seas, but I could imagine they have an idea for this already


I'm excited, but very nervous...I really would like to see all of these things incorporated, but I don't want another WoD

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If this demon hunter thing ends up as cool as it looks and sounds, i think for the first time in 10 years of playing i may replace my lock as my main.

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Oh boy, I really liked the presentation, but I feel like Blizz miscalculated the potential of revealing the new expansion at gamescom a bit. The blizz staff during the presentation had a much harder time getting the crowd to cheer than at blizzcon. Altough I have to mention the amount of "fanboys" who will cheer for pretty much anything is surely much higher at blizzcon than at a more diversified event like gamescom. 

To the content:

I got the impression like Blizzard kept all the feedback on what players want, which didn´t feel appropiate at the moment to implement just to put it all in this expansion. While this is great, I do think that could devalue some of the opponents we will face like Xavius and the Emerald Nightmare. To stick with that example: since the Emerald Dream is a blueprint of Azeroth and the by now corrupted parts are called the Emerald Nightmare, this could be an expansion all by itself in terms of possible space.


It also seems like they designed the different zones from the broken isles around some of the other expansions grand or popular themes.

I heard also many critics nagging about Illidan´s resurface. Personally I do think it is a cool character and Blizz won´t do some magic/alternate dimension/time travel thing to reintroduce him into the present, but will use him as a storyhook and quest giver for the demon hunter start area. 


I do hope they focus more on things to do besides raiding and keeping your housing zone buddies busy.

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    • By Stan
      World Quests have had their rewards updated, demons are invading various parts of the Broken Shore and reputations with Legion factions beyond Exalted yield additional rewards.
      World Quests
      Had their rewards bumped up to item level 860+.

      Demon Assaults
      On PTRs, zones are periodically under attack and they switch every 3 hours, but it may be only to speed up testing. Once you zone in, you'll auto-accept the following quests if the zone you enter is under attack, for example Assault on Val'sharah. You have to complete 6 invasions in that area. Assaults are basically the same as World Quests. When a zone is invaded, no World Quests are available.
      An invasion is indicated by a big logo on the world map.

      Invasion quests also have different icons than regular World Quests.

      Demons are all over the place. You will be closing portals, killing various enemies including commanders.

      Flight Master Mount Change
      The flying mount used for transport across the Broken Shore has changed.

      Reputation Paragon
      If you've reached Exalted with Legion factions, every 20,000 additional reputation you'll get will award additional caches. We don't know if the caches have an increased chance to give you a Legendary or notable item upgrades, but let's hope the rewards are better, because you don't collect 20,000 reputation in the blink of an eye and getting an item level 835 that ends as a Chaos Crystal is all but rewarding. It's also worth noting that saving all reputation items for 7.2 isn't a bad idea as they will come in handy. Obtaining 10 caches rewards the Paragon of the Broken Isles achievement.
      Dreamweaver Cache Farondis Chest Highmountain Supplies Nightfallen Cache Valarjar Strongbox Warden's Supply Kit
      Image is a courtesy of redditor cardiganz.
    • By Stan
      The first micro-holiday, Call of the Scarab, brings with it a gold-making opportunity. Selling meat can be profitable.
      Warlord Gorchuk and Master Sergeant Fizzlebolt are Meat vendors and you can find them near the Scarab Gong in Silithus for the duration of the event. They allow the turn-in of 20 pieces of various meat for 20 Alliance Qiraji Commendations // 20 Horde Qiraji Commendations per turn-in for your faction.
      The following meat can be farmed and resold on the Auction House.
      Chilled Meat Crocolisk Tail Crunchy Spider Leg Lean Shank Raw Clefthoof Meat Raw Tiger Steak Sandworm Meat
    • By Stan
      Pet Battle Dungeons are here. So far, only Wailing Caverns are available for testing. It's a scenario with 7 stages and increasing difficulty, where you fight your way up to get an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and eventually, Damp Pet Supplies.
      Pet Battle Dungeons
      If you have at least one level 25 pet, go to Dalaran and talk to Serr'ah. She will offer a quest called A Call from the Caverns.  Teleport to Orgrimmar and go to Crossroads. There you'll have to find Muyani. She offers another quest Wailing Critters, which rewards Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. Talk to her again and you will enter a scenario (Scenario: Wailing Critters) with 7 stages. Wailing Caverns is the only pet battle dungeon that's currently available and it functions like a scenario. You will be fighting pets and the difficulty increases as you progress through stages. You are able to Revive Battle Pets inside dungeons. When you complete the quest and turn it in, you will be offered another weekly quest, but this time, you won't be able to revive or heal your pets - Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns. When complete, you'll get Damp Pet Supplies. The bag contains some of the recently added pets. New Pets
      A list of new pets that have been added in 7.2 can be found here. Pet Battle Dungeons Screenshots

    • By Stan
      Patch 7.2 adds a new dungeon called Cathedral of Eternal Night. Drops from existing dungeons had an item level bump, Karazhan has been split into two and Vantus Runes are coming for Mythic+ dungeons.
      Dungeon Changes
      Health of enemies inside dungeons has been increased. To compensate, the item level of items that drop inside dungeons has been increased. Normal difficulty - item level 825+ Heroic difficulty - item level 845+ Mythic difficulty - item level 865+ The changes are really good as dungeons will stay relevant throughout the expansion. In previous expansions, dungeons were only used for initial gearing and for the daily dungeon bonus. Karazhan has been split into Lower / Upper Karazhan and can be now accessed via Dungeon Finder. Mythic+ Dungeons
      Are receiving Vantus Runes in 7.2. You can use one per dungeon / week.
      Vantus Rune: Black Rook Hold Vantus Rune: Cathedral of Eternal Night Vantus Rune: Court of Stars Vantus Rune: Darkheart Thicket Vantus Rune: Eye of Azshara Vantus Rune: Halls of Valor Vantus Rune: Maw of Souls Vantus Rune: Neltharion's Lair Vantus Rune: Return to Karazhan (Lower) Vantus Rune: Return to Karazhan (Upper) Vantus Rune: Vault of the Wardens Vantus Rune: Violet Hold Vantus Rune: The Arcway Tomb of Sargeras Vantus Runes
      Vantus Rune: Demonic Inquisition Vantus Rune: Fallen Avatar Vantus Rune: Fel Titan Vantus Rune: Goroth Vantus Rune: Harjatan the Bludger Vantus Rune: Kil'jaeden Vantus Rune: Mistress Sassz'ine Vantus Rune: Sisters of the Moon Vantus Rune: The Desolate Host Vantus Rune: Tomb of Sargeras What do you think about Vantus Runes being added to Mythic+ dungeons?
    • By Stan
      We'll be able to craft Legendaries in Patch 7.2. The build mostly contains items for PvP Seasons 3 & 4, a new Fishing currency, new challenge cards for Brawer's Guild, books, toys, PvP mounts and more.
      This is an early preview of new items that were added in Build 23436.
      Craftable Legendaries
      Patch 7.2 adds four new Legendary items that can be crafted. Affixes will be added in a future build.
      Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy > Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy Rethu's Incessant Courage > Rethu's Incessant Courage The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge > The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge Vigilance Perch > Vigilance Perch Not much information about the upgrades yet, but Felessence Legion-Flask is required for all four Legendaries and you will be upgrading an item to get it (Felessence Upgrade).
      Empty Felessence Vessel > Felessence Upgrade  > Felessence Vessel > Felessence Upgrade > Felessence Phial > Felessence Upgrade > Felessence Phylactery Leatherworking had this added - Ancient Gravenscale Armor. The item we'll be upgrading to Legendary quality to craft a Legendary may be tied to it.  PvP Season 3 & 4 Items
      Many items for Legion's PvP Season 3 & 4 have been added.
      Cruel Gladiator's Accolade of Victory Ferocious Gladiator's Totemic Cloak Legendary Relic?
      May just be something tested. Take it with a grain of salt.
      Super Cleansed Grovewalker Core Mega Cleansed Grovewalker Core New Fishing Currency
      Stormheim Fishing Currency Suramar Fishing Currency Brawler's Guild Challenge Cards
      Challenge Card: A. Milton Challenge Card: Klunk New PvP Mounts
      Vicious War Lion Vicious War Scorpion & more. Artifact Research Notes
      Artifact Research Notes New Toys
      Champion's Salute Many Books
      The New Horde The Lich King Triumphant Arsenals
      Allow the collection of all weapon appearances from a Season.
      Arsenal: Deadly Gladiator's Weapons Arsenal: Relentless Gladiator's Weapons