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World of Warcraft: Legion

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The sixth expansion to World of Warcraft is Legion, announced this morning live at gamescom 2015. It features leveling to level 110, a brand new Honor system, the Artifact-level item system, and a brand new class in Demon Hunters.



The Broken Isles, the new continent for WoW: Legion.


Details of the new expansion can be found here:



Official press release:



Legion beta is coming later in 2015!


New Class - Demon Hunter


The new class is the Demon Hunter, a Hero Class which will be able to tank and DPS. Only elves can play as Demon Hunters (Night Elves and Blood Elves).


You can learn more about Demon Hunters here:




Demon Hunter visuals.


We learned this morning that Demon Hunters will get horns and tattoos similar to Illidan.


When the Demon Hunter 'awakens', they start out as Illidari on a quest from Illidan from ten years ago.


Their two specs are Havoc (melee DPS) and Vengeance (tank). They will only have the two specializations.


Artifact Weapons


A unique Artifact is available for every class and specialization. Players will be able to acquire 'Artifact'-level weapons, including examples such as Ashbringer.



Ashbringer and some of the variations thereof, showcasing the Artifact system.


More details on Artifacts coming soon!


Honor System Update


The original Honor system focused on Honorable and Dishonorable Kills, measuring contribution per week and generating 'standings'.


'Version 2' focused on point acquisition for PvP gear, starting in Burning Crusade. In 'Version 3', they want to 'dial back' the focus on gear.


In the new Honor system, you get a 'PvP talent' system, progressing from rank 1 to 50. As you progress through those ranks, you unlock perks/bonuses. PvP talents are designed completely for PvP, which allows PvP to achieve separate balance using abilities/effects that only work in Battlegrounds/Arenas.


Examples of PvP talents given were Passive abilities that give immunity to back-to-back stuns/roots/silences, PvP Bloodlust being on a 45s cooldown but only affecting you and one friendly target, or the reintroduction of Necrotic Strike as a replacement for Scourge Strike in PvP.



Example of the PvP talent system.




Official feature list:

  • New continent: The Broken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • Artifacts: Customizable weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dungeons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Revamped PvP progression system
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Improved social features
  • Character Boost - immediately raise one character to level 100

Cinematic Teaser:



Here is the feature trailer:



World of Warcraft: Legion was announced at gamescom 2015 today!

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Tons of awesome stuff incoming, and I'm really looking forward for it!

Yeah, it all feels like "Burining Crusade 2.0", but hey, BC was good. Really good.

New class(that we've beed waiting since forever), Acherus and fluffy weapon for everybody, new continents and Dalaran coming back - can that sound any better?

Good to see that WoW concept "do stuff you were doing in WC3, but as an RPG" like it used to be in Classic/BC/Lich is coming back, and we are (probably) centering the plot, instead of somebody donning cursed helmets Bolwar-style etc.

Only thing I feel wrong about is new Honor system. Gotta see how it works out.

If Blizz can fix what they did wrong in WoD, we'll get the best expansion ever. 
All aboard the hype train!biggrin.png 

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3 things...


1) AWESOME IDEAS but I'm veeeeeery skeptical some of these will make it in game


2) I feel like this expansion could of held off a couple xpacs more but I could see how they're tying in the lore, and they need this xpac to regain their subs, so long as they do this right


3) Also I think they could've incorporated all of the south seas, but I could imagine they have an idea for this already


I'm excited, but very nervous...I really would like to see all of these things incorporated, but I don't want another WoD

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Oh boy, I really liked the presentation, but I feel like Blizz miscalculated the potential of revealing the new expansion at gamescom a bit. The blizz staff during the presentation had a much harder time getting the crowd to cheer than at blizzcon. Altough I have to mention the amount of "fanboys" who will cheer for pretty much anything is surely much higher at blizzcon than at a more diversified event like gamescom. 

To the content:

I got the impression like Blizzard kept all the feedback on what players want, which didn´t feel appropiate at the moment to implement just to put it all in this expansion. While this is great, I do think that could devalue some of the opponents we will face like Xavius and the Emerald Nightmare. To stick with that example: since the Emerald Dream is a blueprint of Azeroth and the by now corrupted parts are called the Emerald Nightmare, this could be an expansion all by itself in terms of possible space.


It also seems like they designed the different zones from the broken isles around some of the other expansions grand or popular themes.

I heard also many critics nagging about Illidan´s resurface. Personally I do think it is a cool character and Blizz won´t do some magic/alternate dimension/time travel thing to reintroduce him into the present, but will use him as a storyhook and quest giver for the demon hunter start area. 


I do hope they focus more on things to do besides raiding and keeping your housing zone buddies busy.

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      Today's hotfixes bring mana cost decreases for demo Warlocks, as well as an additional negative Corruption effect above 200 corruption, very probably in response to Rextroy's recent 27x Infinite Stars arena rampage.
      July 9 (source)
      Warlock Demonology The mana cost of Shadow Bolt has been reduced by 25%. The mana cost of Demonbolt has been reduced by 25%. Developers’ note: Demonology Warlocks are running out of mana in prolonged fights when using high levels of Haste so we’re reducing the mana costs of their most frequent rotational spells. Items and Rewards
      Corrupted Items [With regional restarts] Players with a Corruption level of 200 or higher will now receive an additional negative effect, Inescapable Consequences, which deals 25% of your maximum health in damage every second while you are in combat. Developers’ note: While Corruption's damage taken and healing received debuffs are substantial at high Corruption amounts, players possessed of particular ingenuity have constructed strategies allowing them to deal nearly infinite damage during brief windows when they themselves are immune to damage. It's important to us that players feel like they can play around with how much Corruption they can afford to wear, but we're setting a hard limit at 200 Corruption – going beyond that, N'Zoth’s dark power will defeat you.
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      Now, regardless of whether that's the only thing needed, it still seems like an improvement over the rep grinds, as renown will be a very important part of the Covenant experience and we'll probably want to get as much of it as possible anyway (and it also has catch up mechanics, unlike reps). Whether it will be slower or faster than the rep grinds remains to be seen (and will be different for different players), but so far it seems like a positive change, as it's connected to a base activity in the game instead of reputations, which you might have to grind for separately. This also might be a big issue for players that will be switching Covenants after a while, as presumably renown won't be following you from Covenant to Covenant, so this might be another sticking point with the players that have issues with Covenants and their limitations as it is.
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      It seems we're not stopping at the recent +29 record, as we have another milestone crossed in Mythic+ BfA. +30 has fallen! A Chinese group consisting of a prot Warrior, holy Paladin, fire Mage, outlaw Rogue and havoc Demon Hunter have taken down Mechagon Junkyard at the highest level we've seen in all of BfA, just one away from Legion's best. Big congrats to 丶神奇的阿诺, 麒丨麟, 丶清訫, 叶落初冬 and 小软不高兴, who finished it off with almost 3 and a half minutes to spare!
      And you can check out the VoD from the tank's PoV.

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      Blizzard is looking into lifting transmog restrictions in Shadowlands and allow players to use Legion's Artifact appearances regardless of their specialization for transmog.
      Another interesting bit from the MrGM interview with Morgan Day deals with Legion Artifact appearances and transmog.
      Morgan revealed that the WoW team considers giving players the option to transmog Legion Artifact appearances regardless of specialization in Shadowlands. Note that this has not been officially confirmed yet, and Day said that the Artifacts would remain within the class should they lift the restrictions, as pointed out by r/wow moderator Sunscorch.
      Card The change would allow you to use the Discipline Priest's Light's Wrath for transmog on your Shadow Priest, for instance. Are you looking forward to the change?
      This is not the only change related to Legion Artifacts that we'll see in the Shadowlands, as Druids will be able to customize their Bear/Cat form independently of their currently equipped Legion Artifacts.
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      So a lot of you probably wonder what's going to happen with Heirlooms after the leveling squish and changes in Shadowlands. Blizzard confirmed in an interview with MrGM that they would no longer provide XP bonuses!
      On the Alpha, we checked out the Heirloom Tab multiple times and found out that they no longer increase experience gains. We thought this was just a bug that would get fixed in future builds, but the opposite is true.

      Heirlooms will no longer provide Experience Bonuses in Shadowlands. They are replacing the XP bonuses with something that's not percentage-based, so maybe we will see other interesting effects on them that will be useful during the leveling process.
      Keep in mind that leveling in Shadowlands is much faster compared to what we currently have on live 8.3 servers, so the change might not be that bad, granted that the new effects will be worth it.
      You can watch the full interview with Morgan Day here.
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