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Really low throughput (holy)Link to log:

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Character armory link:



I notice that I am almost at half the throughput of our shamans, paladins, disc priests etc on almost all fights. Gearwise I am probably around 10-13 itemlevels behind. Case in point: our kil'rogg fight:



I suspect that I am doing something really wrong, though I cannot understand what it is. I don't think this can be attributed to gear, even though I am kind of low on multistrike.


Rotation (of sorts):

I prioritize on keeping mending and renews up. I try to pre-hot and cast cascade before big AOEs, and save hymn for when the raidleader calls for it. When there is sustained high AOE, I try to use 2 x binding heal (with glyph) and prayer of healing while keeping circle of healing on cooldown.



Full link to log:


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Not something to make a terrible difference, but as you're not using the Solace on cooldown, you may as well choose Mindbender which will yield more mana and you'll lose less GCD looking at your numbers.

Your skill usage seems fine. A hpriest in my guild is being suppressed by me (disc) and druid+shammy combo mostly, and sometimes gives similar numbers to yours, I don't think you should worry too much.

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The only problem i can see is extreme underutilization of Heal. Heal is your go-to single target heal and should be used whenever more extreme periods of raid healing aren't necessary, other than that, go Mindbender. Keep up the good work =)

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