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Anyone else as pumped as I am? BM hunter4lyf.


Skill pre-view looks awesome:


Level 1
Grizzled Bear - Misha periodically reduces damage from enemy heroes.
Hunter Gatherer - gather regen globes to increase Health Regen. (unsure if it affects Misha)
Survivalistic Training - gather regen globes to increase Mana Regen.
Flare - gain vision of an area
Level 4
Hungry Bear - Misha's basic attacks heal her.
Crippling Talons - increase Spirit Swoop slow amount and duration.
Taking Flight - increase Spirit Swoop range, returns mana.
Easy Prey - Misha is more effective against Minions and Mercs.
Level 10
Bestial Wrath - increase Misha's basic attack damage.
Unleash the Boars - send a pack of Boars to hunt enemy heroes.
Level 13
Wildfire Bear - Misha deals damage to nearby enemies.
Thrill of the Hunt - basic attacks increase move speed.
Bear Necessities - Cast "Misha, Charge!" again if you don't hit a Hero.
Barkskin - Misha takes reduced ability damage after charging.
Level 20
Spirit Bond - increase Bestial Wrath duration and Misha heals Rexxar with her attacks.
Kill Command - Unleash the Boars deals more damage and roots enemies.
Frenzy of Kalimdor - your Basic Attacks deal more damage and Misha's attacks slow.
Hardened Skin - you and Misha take reduced damage.
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Hey guys,Kendric here. 


I've had the chance to play a bit of Rexxar here at Gamescom 2015. From what I've experienced, he is pretty good! Some things I noticed while playing everybody's favorite Hunter: 


  • Controlling Misha feels very smooth, however, it takes some practise to use his Trait correctly (pressing D makes Misha guard you, pressing D again makes her charge at the enemy you're currently attacking, etc.)
  • He is definitely not a tank even though he is labelled as a Warrior
  • A "Misha" Build (Grizzled Bear, Bestial Wrath, Wildfire Bear, Frenzy of Kalimdor) felt quite strong! 
  • Rexxar has a talent that increases his attack range by 25% - felt very nice! 
  • The Boar Heroic Ability was fun (Rexxar sends out boars to hunt the enemy, damaging and slowing them) but didn't feel as good as Bestial Wrath (turns Misha into a big mean bear!)
  • Rexxar's W commands Misha to leap towards a target location, stunning enemies in her path - that ability is dope and very useful! 
  • I played Rexxar 3 times, every time I was top damage dealer (mostly thanks to Misha though smile.png )

So yeah that's it. My final verdict is that Rexxar defines a new ranged semi-class between Warriors and Assassins. He is quite tanky compared to other ranged Assassins, but in return he is not as mobile as them. He lacks burst damage but is a strong duelist and chaser. 

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Niiiice....very BM.

Kendric has already written a sort of mini-guide for Rexxar. I'll be putting it on the website very soon.

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