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Resto Druid Haste vs. Spirit for raid

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I recently geared my Resto Druid up to be able to raid. I'm not sure at what level I should go with for spirit and haste. Right now my gems are mostly spirit and haste but I'm wondering if I should gem haste and reforge till I meet the next plateau or should I stay at the First one. I am talking raid wise so this would be figuring in spell haste buff. I know Icy veins recommends haste soft caps over spirit but I really jsut don't want to go oom.

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You should go for the first haste break point which for tranquility, at 3043 haste rating. After that spirit/int/mastery.

Ideally you shouldn't have to gem for haste to reach this point. I don't remember how much I had to gem on my druid when I first started to raid MV, but I do remember this was the break point to reach for to start with. Then stack spirit for a while.

You may choose to use spirit/haste gems as well to reach this. when you feel you have adequate spirit you can switch to spirit/mastery, int/spirit, int/haste, int/mastery.

Remember, try to AVOID haste gems in your gear, only use them if necessary. Otherwise you should have int/spirit/mastery gems.

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