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Holy Paladin, Heroic Archimonde Please Help!!!

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Hey guys, making this post for a friend as he wasn't able to post on the forums for some reason, his message is below.
"Just had to switch to Holy Paladin for the raid group and i seem to be having a few problems, my numbers are just not adding up and ive got no idea what im doing wrong. Ive spoken to alot of very good Holy pala's and gotten there advice but nothing seems to be working or helping. Even on fights where i should be performing very well im just not getting the numbers. Any help would be awesome!"

Here are the logs from our most recent Heroic Archimonde attemps:

He's only in for the first 10 attempts, and his character name is Etymology
And his Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thaurissan/Etymology/advanced

Please give him any advice you can think of it will be greatly appreciated <3, thanks for your time!
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Hi Azayzel.

I will contact you via PM because there are some other issues I'd like to talk about and I'm not sure that you want it public.

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