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Please help me suck less at H Paly

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My raid has been having some difficulties with Kilrogg and Gorefiend and I can't help but feel that my performance is holding us all back.  There are even pulls where our blood DK tank out-heals me.  Please have a look at the logs below.  I would greatly appreciate any advice.





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Hello Forsteri.


I went through your logs and have to say that your wipes are the very least of your fault.


I'm really sorry for the rudeness but your raid healing as a team is just completely wrong and messed up.

It looks that your don't have a healing co-ord and / or not communicate between the healers.


The reasons I'm saying that are:


1. You have two Holy Paladins that always keep the Beacons on the same two people (tanks) doing about 80% overhealing.

2. You have a Disc Priest that doesn't have a clue about the class (or just want to top the meters no matter what). The only thing they do during the fights is spamming Clarity of Will on the tanks and themselves, making your Beacons completely useless. 

I wouldn't dissect their play style while not being asked but it's just bad.

3. In some of the fights (Gorefiend, Kormrok) you (Yndra) even did not apply the second Beacon. How it comes?

4. I don't see you using Hand of Sacrifice almost at all even that you are spec'ed into Clemency if I'm not mistaken (6 uses during all raid). I almost don't see you using Devo Aura. You must use your damage mitigation abilities - it's an essential part of a Holy Paladin Play Style.

5. You do not use Holy Prism on CD - you should.


Regarding Gorefiend and Kilrogg specifically:

1. Kilrogg. 

You should not send a disc priest to the other realm - it's wrong.

Disc priest should stay in the main area full time and CoW + PW: Shield people with the Heartseeker debuff. Disc should not touch the tanks - it's the other Holy Paladin area of responsibility.

The healers that goes to the other realm should be a shaman with Ancestral Guidance talent and a Paladin that will apply Beacons to both melee and use HoS and AW.

I didn't check in depth your Replays so if you already getting out on 20 stacks and stay full minute (with the buff) in melee, just ignore me.


2. Gorefiend. 

- Your disc should take WoM talent and stay disc - your raid don't need 3 throughput healers in this fight.

Chaining of shaman's raid healing CDs + 2 Spirit Link Totems + Avenger Wrath + Devo Aura + Barrier + shielding with Power Infusion are more that enough to heal the Feast of Souls even on Heroic.

- You personally should use both Beacons.

- You should use Devo Aura twice - on both Feasts of Soul, you should use AW during Feast of Soul not the regular phase.

- I see that you hardly heal Tortured Essences. I know that it's not that relevant on Normal but it's still AoE the raid - unnecessary damage.


Hope it helps. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask smile.png

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