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Prot SotR uptime - can anyone help?

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Good evening everyone!


So, I am hoping someone may be able to help me out here.


According to my logs, I average 27% uptime with SotR. I then look at some other raiding pallies and see as high as 60%.


I always to to play as follows:


GC proc > J > CS > AS > consc/HW


With that mashing my SotR when my holy power comes up, or timing it if I know I will specifically need a bit of DR in the near future.


I also know that I need better SS, but that one is just on me and the need to make up a new power aura.


As well, I constantly change talents and glyphs fight to fight. For example on assault I'll use HS and dazing shield, but on council (I'm the Dia tank) I'll go seraph and focused shield ... etc.



latest log



my armoury .. I do also have Warlord's Unseeing Eye heroic trinket


Hope I gave enough information, hope someone may be able to help me out! biggrin.png

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Well if you're playing Seraphim (and prioritise it), you can't expect to have high SoTR uptime right? Where does the energy come from? Maybe you're missing some Divine Purpose procs though.


Also CS > J, since lower CD + CS has a chance to proc (chain-proc) AS.

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Hi just glancing at your last wipe on council it shows you wasting 154 holy power. Looks like you are staying capped way to long.  Spend that hp on SoTR and just build up right before sera. I personally use holy shield on all the fights without any issue. Also maybe try to get your casts up. My last logs I had 598 casts on 7 minute fight compared to your 361.  


(EDIT) No idea where I seen that 154 wasted , was probably some overall number. Forgive me I'm tired.



Equiped ilvls are both the same I think according to armory.  


Try interupting void bolt more. Can get 75% pretty easy with 4 set bonus shields and rebuke. Looks like you are missing 75% of the casts on the last pull. Looks like I only missed 37% . It will help a little with damage taken though you didnt take that much more than I did on that fight.  

I just got home from working all night so I didn't dig to much into the logs but I hope this helps a little.  If anything I would try to get casts up if possible. Would definitely help with your wanting to get SoTR uptime up. 

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