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Talisman the "catch up" for BM?

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So we know the Talisman stucks for marks, but what about BM? According to the numbers on the heroic version - it sure looks possible. At least close the gap somewhat. :)


Just curious if anyone has tried it in game. I've just gotten AOTC and still sporting crafted/blackrock trinkets. I main spec MM in raids and have no issues with dps, but it sure would be nice to have choices.

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HFC is just built in such a way that BM really can't perform very well. To spread out, to many priority targets, no sustained 3+ cleave, simply nothing in HFC is remotely made so that BM has a real fighting chance.


BM and the class trinket does alright in Proving Ground and 5 mans, but it doesn't really have a place in raids right noww - especially in progression raiding.

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