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Trouble with my Sub Rogue DPS+ROT

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Hello guys,


so basically i'm quite new to wow been playing sub rogue for 3-4 months now. 
i'm not getting decent DPS in dungeons, i'm sure im doing my rotations well... keeping up SnD and rupture etc. i'm constantly dying in dungeons to... is it because i'm not geared well? i know this is a noob post but i love playing sub rogue and i want to learn to play it proficiently before i'm a liability for my guild in raids. 


i use lots of addons to to show me when my CD + Buffs + debuffs etc... 
Weak Auras2 


Any help would be massively appreciated.




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If you're dying, it can be because of four things:


1) your tank isn't holding aggro generated from you;

2) you're taking collateral damage and the heal isn't healing you/isn't being capable of keeping you up;

3) you're derping before the tank pulls;

4) you're derping and not doing the mechanics/cleansing debuffs.


For the first one, you can't do much - it's the tank's fault (you can hold up your DPS a bit to lessen aggro or TotT the tank so the aggro gets redirected to him/her). As for second, you can help the heal using some mitigation tools (such as Feint with Elusiveness, for example), or just standing off the fire. Positioning properly can keep you alive too, depending on the encounter.


As for 3rd and 4th, just pay attention and don't derp like that. Few tanks are slow as hell, but don't be eager and try to facepull them to speed up things. Chances are they let you die and then pick up aggro. The other one is much like the heal one: do the mechanics, position yourself properly, use mitigation tools and such.


In the end, if you ended screwing up a little bit or got screwed, you have two 'reset' buttons that you can use: Vanish (although you should be using in your DPS rotation) and Cloak of Shadows (for magical stuff).


As for DPS, don't worry about it for now - you're not 100 nor have optimized gear, so if you're focusing on doing your rotation properly (and not failing at it), you're winning.


Since I'm no longer playing WoW, take it with a grain of salt and wait for the others opinion, they might be better immersed in the game. =)

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Well first off, you're level 83, so your damage doesn't really matter all that much. Your rotations and abilities will change a LOT between now and level 100, so don't stress out about it too much


Secondly, you'll see much better results while running dungeons if you play Combat - Sub really has no good multi target damage until you start getting the Draenor perks, and almost every single dungeon is going to be large clumps of mobs


Keep levelling, then once you hit 100 get some Combat Logs so it's easier for us to analyze and help you with.


If you want to ask questions or learn or anything like that, you can tune into my stream (info is in my signature below) and ask questions there. There's also a link there to my Twitter page, and you can get in touch through that as well - I'll gladly answer any questions that you have

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Also, Lip, come back and play WoW you loser <3


Naw. Game's too shitty. Hope the hype train is worth on Legions. Depending on how good it is, I'll be back in after 1 or 2 months of expac.

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