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Tweaking my Affliction DPS

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Fellow Locks,


Need some of your input on how to tweak my Affliction DPS..Im going to focus on a Fel Lord Zakuun kill as its a fairly straightforward fight for us..


Here is the log from my guilds most recent kill: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6nxTCK1wYa2t8DV4#fight=26&type=summary&comparesearchplayer=14&comparesearch=


Here is a compariosson to another lock.. similar gear, but he did almost 20k more DPS:



Here is my armory:



Here is Globsy:



One thing to note.. I was not using the glyph of UA on our kill and will be using it now as it seems most of you run it... doubt that's a 20k difference in this case.  Our stats are similar, but he does have more int/SP than I do.. but is that it? Or is there something else that I'm missing?


Thanks in advance team!



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Drain Soul uptime - 71.78% Globsy vs. 57.28% Warspite


Haunting Spirits uptime - 96.95% Globsy vs. 91.66% Warspite


Haunt uptime - even


You had barely over 91% UA uptime.

You're using the DS glyph, why? Pretty much every single one of your Dark Souls was misaligned with your trinket anyway.


Overall he played the fight better than you, the only thing I can concede is that he was using Darmacs Trinket which is still pretty baller for Affliction.

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Thanks for your reply.   I have a DUT that I will try on fights that I use affliction and see how it performs.  You're right that Im not aligning my cool downs very well and will try and address that.

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