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Rogues - 6.2 - problems with dps

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Greetings to everyone!

I misunderstood the structure of this forum and consequently wrote in the wrong place, so, I want to try once more in the right place.

First of all, thank you for sharing your experience and offering help.

I want to ask you: what is the problem with these two rogues? Ангсоц + Эверморе. I think, these logs are the most representative, 'cause there are fights similar to training dummies. They, of course, always say smth like "not enough gear", but I am convinced, that there are certain problems with their attitude towards their UI+items+behaviour on encounters.

I'll be very glad if you give any feedback.

Here are the logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AngZCD2qcXM4kGTv#fight=39(Vhelari normal)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AngZCD2qcXM4kGTv#fight=45(Zakuun normal) 

Here are their armories: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/свежеватель-душ/Эверморе/advanced - Эвермор http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/пиратская-бухта/Ангсоц/advanced - Ангсоц (both links should be english)

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Few things: 


1) Neither of them has class trinket, which is a very large damage boost for all specs. Эверморе has 2 very bad trinkets equipped right now on his armory (and only 2 tier pieces), and I hope those aren't what he actually uses in raid.


2) Neither of them have the legendary ring


3) They also need to manage their buffs, debuffs, and energy better:

  • Эверморе needs to pool more energy before using Envenom, so he can fit more casts of Mutilate in while the buff is up. He could improve his Rupture uptime a little as well
  • Ангсоц really really needs to work on his Rupture uptime. Under 80% is very low, it should be nearly 100
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Thank you for your attention.

I've also seen, that they regenerate different amount of resources (energy).


For example, on Vhelari: Эвермор got 2400 extra energy, Ангсоц 2300 and Шадоулизард - 3800!!! If we take a look at Zakuun there are such numbers: Ангсоц - 1500, Эверморе - 1200, Шадоулизард - 2350. I believe, here is a link with a number of casts, done by them (On Vhelari Эверморе - 208, Ангсоц - 168, Шадоулизард - 223). It influences their comb points, doesn't it? 

I named one more rogue, 'cause they have nearly the same ilvl, so their damage should be a little more similar, but there happens to be difference in 10-20k dps.. 

What about trinkets:  they all have soul capacitors. Ангсоц has class trinket from Archimond, but he thinks that it is useless. How do they work? (class trinkets for rogues) From my point of view, they are used after vanish and in the beginning of the encounter, aren't they?

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Soul Capacitor in particular is amazing for Rogues. Both Subtlety and Assassination should use it, but it's much better for Sub. The class trinket is amazingly strong for every spec as well.


Шадоулизард has: 4 set, the finished Ring, a heroic Soul Capacitor, and the class trinket


Эверморе has: 2 set, no finished Ring, normal Soul Capacitor, and a 670(!!) Beating Heart


Ангсоц has: 4 set, no finished Ring, normal Soul Cap, and class trinket


Given all of that, Ангсоц should be doing a bunch more damage, but not as much as Шадоулизард. Like I said above, his Rupture uptime is very low (79%), but he also has over 10 casts per minute less than both other Rogues. This tells me that he just isn't pressing his buttons. With the class trinket, he should have 95% or more uptime on Envenom, and he only has 74%. He also only has 43 Dispatch casts.


What this means is that he isn't doing a good job of maintaining the 2 buffs that he is supposed to be managing, and he also isn't switching to the adds as they get low on health to get more Dispatch casts. He will gain a LOT of damage from switching targets because of the 4-set bonus. Keeping Rupture up will let him gain a lot more energy, and he will get a lot of combo points for free by keeping Envenom up more because all of his other spells will start to crit a lot more because of the Trinket


Шадоулизард has a Rupture uptime of 97%, and 92% on Envenom. He has 52 Dispatch casts. He's getting a lot more energy from Rupture, more crits / poison damage from the Envenom buff, then a lot of extra Dispatch casts by swapping targets properly

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Any time - if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!


Hopefully I was able to help some :)

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